My very first somewhat made map

Here it is. I publish it there because I need feedback and suggestions. And some rating. Be free to criticise it.

Im away from my pc right now, Can you post some pictures?

There are on the Steam page. I’m away, too :wink:

:cry: this is so sad :tired_face:

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I’ll send pics asa I’m home

alexa play Country Roads

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Quick tip: you can find the Russia materials inside the Russia map file. Their file extension is .unity3d, all you have to do is copy+paste them into your map. I recommend doing the same with the roads, and using the Russia materials.dat.

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hol up im confused

I don’t expect every map to have custom content, but do know that you can use the Russia materials from the game’s files. That and the lighting hasn’t been changed, mess around with it a bit and make it feel more like Eastern Europe or so.

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But roads in Russia are the same as in, like, PEI, or on my map. I would use Germany or France roads, but they have a dirt road changed

How do I add Russian materials without breaking auto-baking? And how do I modify Roads.unity3d? (because Germany roads fit well, but trail texture is too dark)

either replacing the .unity3d file of materials in your map with the ones in the Russia map or using the devkit, and to modify the roads you’d need to make a completely new set of roads in Unity mimicking the ones you like.

OK, how do I extract roads from .unity3d? And copying materials from Russia terrain folder didn’t help.

Help! All my hills are farmlands now XD

How to make road to overdraw dirt?

No, guys, to change materials I have to remake my map from scratch. Maybe I can add “dead” material to default?

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