Mystery Boxes - How do they make you feel?

With the release of Dango we’re seeing new Mystery Boxes and Mythicals being added into the game. I’ve seen the community being rather divided about Mystery Boxes in the past, so I must ask, how do you feel about Mystery Boxes?

There’s something to note however, the Mystery Boxes of yesteryear are different from the new series. First of all, the contents of the boxes can be bought in bulk on the Unturned Stockpile. Second of all, they’re new Mythical effects exclusive to the boxes’ items. Thirdly, there aren’t any sets. Fourth of all, Each Item has an equal chance of being unboxed. And finally, there’s a 10% chance to get bonus items from unboxing.

  • The new Mystery Boxes are cool!
  • I like the old Mystery Boxes.
  • I prefer Bundles.

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If you want to see some of the new Cosmetics added by the new box, here’s a showcase video.


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I second Harvest’s opinion. Haven’t played Unturned much recently, so I wouldn’t know.

Personally don’t care too much about lootboxes. I understand the appeal behind them but never really cared about cosmetic items, like what most lootboxes offer. Sure it’s gambling and somewhat predatory but if you’re into high risk vs high reward go ahead it’s your money not mine. Only ones I’ve ever bought with money in any game was the Ki-87 crate in War Thunder, and that was only around $20 total for a discontinued plane.

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lose moneies for looet box make fun suprise!!!

seriously if i wanted cool new stuff i would buy a bundle to actually get the stuff, thus making the map creators money and getting cool stuff

with a mystery box i would just not even bother buying them at all

Keep in mind the new system allows you to buy the cosmetics in bulk in a bundle, you just can’t get a mythical.

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honestly mythicals look dumb
i dont even use them, if i ever get them i just sell them

having a bunch of flowers or lightning bolts flying around your face looks retarded


If that box would have came out a year ago, oh boy…

That would have ripped my wallet on a whole other level.

mystery boxes= more money

Can I have a link to the ingame workshop for the new Dango skins?

Do you mean the Stockpile page ?

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Mystery boxes are alright. I could take them or leave them. I think they are a nice way to support the creator(s) and get a nice little reward in return.

I think having the boxes and the bundle is the best way to do this

Cosmetics Cool af, especially the Tv Head, i fucking need it

i’ll literally trade my artery for it

Ah yes, the TV head that never got accepted… Tis a sad day

excuse me fucking what

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danaby how could you

I all the sudden feel like we aren’t talking about the same TV head