Mythical effect on any skin you want for 3.000 Crafting Materials

Feeling unlucky when crafting a random skin with 1.000 Crafting Materials ? I come with a cool suggestion ( in my own opinion ).

-Being able to craft a random mythical effect for a gun from your inventory… Just choosing a skin on your inventory and have a small button where you can craft a random mythical for 3.000 Crafting Materials ( or just another amount of cm. )

So there will be chances to get a … “bad” effect ( as… shiny, holiday spirit ) … or maybe a good effect ( burning , wealthy, radioactive, etc ).

By the way: The amount of the Crafting Materials in the title is just my opinion.

maybe if it was limited to non-crate skins, cause it sorta breaks the point of unboxing if you can just buy a bunch of common and uncommon clothes and skins to scrap, then just make your normally 1-2$ pink weapon skin that’s really well liked (anything hypertech, or high tier staple weapon skins) and just make it instantly into something worth at MINIMUM, 20x its amount.

The real way to go about this is you can do it to PREMIUM SKINS (anything with a green name, excluding anyhting that’s a crate bundle) that you can do this to for 2.5K, still very unique, sill very marketable, but it won’t break the economy of older weapons that people still unbox for to this day