Names for the Snake and Parrot

We have Sydney the squid, Fred the fish, Terry the turtle and Ellroy the elephant but nothing for the snake and parrot D:

What names would you suggest for them ?



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I like calling the bird blueberry, that’s just my personal take on it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Fred and Ted

i call the snake naga and the bird cap’n crunch :3

Bob the bird, Sylvester the Snake

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wed the snake
wed the bird


Ssssimon and Billy Bob Bird. :wink: (Papa Parrot!)

SSSIMION?? :open_mouth:

snek² and birdo²

Sebastian the Snake
Polly Parrot

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Sometimes going with what should be the most obvious, overused, and cliche names is the best. :thinking: :+1:

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