Need for a Vanilla Server?

Hey out there!
I was just wondering. Are there are a need for a vanilla server?
I and a few friends have all the hosting equipment and skills needed to create such servers. On the discussion-part of this game, a lot of people are tried of non-vanilla p2w servers.

My question is then; whould people play Vanilla? What would you like to see on a vanilla server and what do you think when I say Vanilla

I always preferred to play on vanilla servers, it certainly isn’t as popular but there is probably a demand for it.

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I agree @Oyamat !Thanks for the comment :grinning:

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I am a SOD regular for a couple years now. I have had, and, hopefully, still have, mostly good standing with administration. Recently, a dutch team showed up on a server I play at. They behave extremely toxic, have a long story of causing issues to the server’s playerbase and several of them recently got permamuted. The ones that are still not muted, however, keep being toxic in chat, provoking people into (of course), toxic replies and then make screenshots and report them to the admin team, which issues mutes to the insulted players, not touching the toxic team. They also tried to decommission an admin that had a good standing as a reasonable and lawful person, because he didn’t notice one or two toxic replies to the team in question during the raid (him being the explosives guy). Just a few days ago I learned that one of the team’s members is a decommissioned admin by will and is friends with one of the network owners.

Admins also neglect the significant performance issue on the map - e.g. a player put around 300 barricades in a small area, which causes significant frame drop even on powerful machines, not to mention those that struggle to achieve 30fps in 720p low. They claim to have tested the area on “weak machine” and state the performance was acceptable. They didn’t specify what kind of hardware that machine has.

SOD was and still is one of the long-lasting vanilla networks with a decent amount of players, however now I am doubting, if the things are going to be this way after those incidents.

As long as the server network you are going to maintain will have an active playerbase and is going to stay away from nepotism, it has a bright future. Wish you luck.

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