Need help with unban or just finding a specific steam unturned moderator

Hey so I have been an idiot back when I was young I just wanted some steam money and posted some phishing links. (instant regret)that was 4-5 years ago. got a ban from Steam themes, cant really make discussions, share artwork, or any type of screenshots.I don’t know or remember which moderator banned I wrote a message to steam support and they told me this:
We recommend contacting Unturned’s support team for further assistance. You can find them here:
I just wish I could get an unbanned so I could return to the community as I’m a long-time player and promise not to do bad business Steam Community :: Silver Crown

Not gonna lie, don’t think this will cut it. Stupid shit we all do/did as kids (edgy jokes, general carelessness, yadda yadda yadda) aside posting phishing links isn’t something you accidently, it requires deliberation (also wouldn’t get you much if any money since 99 times out of 100 anybody with something to loose would not just click that and log in).
In any case I think this is a job for @MoltonMontro.

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Taking a quick look over everything, it appears that you were permanently banned after having a few repeat offenses of posting links to scams. The moderator who issued those bans would have retired some years ago. Although they’re no longer part of the moderation team, it looks like a permanent ban from those features was the most correct course of action.

Note that being banned from the Unturned’s Steam Community features does not prevent you from participating in the community. Our main (and official) community hubs include other platforms such as this forum, and the Unturned Official Discord server. Your ban from the Steam Community does not automatically exclude you from participating in those communities.


They hate to see a hard working honest man making money :pensive:

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