Need ideas for what to do in my unturned Editor Map Tricks and Tips plez T-T

I have no Idea what I want to do for the post so I need ideas so I can keep it active, and yeah

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Wouldn’t it make sense to ask for other people’s tips and tricks on that post? Or if it dies, then let it die in peace! :u

My personal favorite tip/trick is making your own models though. :wink: The money one was admittedly pretty cool looking though.

M2m does a lot of random stuff with vanilla models, such as wheels on bookshelves to create “hidden” gun safes on Russia, or books next to doors as a form of color-coding the Hellenic HQ rooms.


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rescaling grocery store shelves as garage doors?

hmmm Im gonna have to try some of this stuff out and alright Molton

Oh yesh, I forgot about dat one xd ima do that in a minute\

Using wooden shelfes as tables for tv by putting 2/3 in ground

hmmm sounds cewl gonna have to try that, thanks everyone who has posted/will post. Your all amazing

how do I join this guild

> Get the basic structure of your map set in your mind:

Even though I personally prefer to improvise and do stuff on the move, it’s really important to have just a set image of how you want your final product to somewhat look like.

Refer to google or other sources for inspirations and ideas:

This is really helpful, referring to google (images) sometimes helps you understand how to approach a certain location and even check if your previous locations have any mistakes.
eg- you made a city with a rollercoaster but the pillars you put to support it is not even close to how it looks like irl, thus you look at a pic from google and fix it.

Have a set tone/theme for your map:

This is important if you want your map to portray a certain tone and want the players to feel so. A lot of maps have the theme of overgrowth, destroyed towns etc. Even in some official maps you can notice the themes, like Hawaii has this “happy but scary” type of theme.
P.s- getting the right lighting for your map is the most important tool for making a theme. (example below)


This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Be creative with your maps, use different materials,boulders,trees mix and match them… Use [R] to reshape objects and use them for different reasons (example below), make interesting locations, have a nice loot progression system. The sky heightbox is the limit!

Follow this

This is not something to stick by, but its something i do and it’s helpful. basically, when making the map do it in this order:

  • Heights (never of the whole map, just the area you want to make.)
  • Materials
  • Objects (main)
  • Objects (secondary)
  • Re-check material/heights
  • Furnishing (adding small stuff like clocks,beds,newspapers and detailing everything)
  • Re-check

Use devkit:

I cannot stress how useful devkit is if you know how to use it, it can really help a ton when making maps.


Something i personally think of to be helpful, is having some graphics to higher levels. Agreed, you want to turn down graphics to low (if u have a potato like me) and make the map on that for more fps, but i feel like having some graphics to higher levels and then editing the map gives you something nice to look at while making it and doesn’t de-motivate you. Personally i keep everything on off/low except i do the following changes: New trees, rain puddles, lighting(low), sunrays(low), terrain transition(high)(important). and rest is up to you.


Always playtest your map after you’re done with some milestone progress or whenever suits you best. It can really help you see stuff from a player’s perspective while also highlighting mistakes and glitches/imperfections.

Here are some examples:

  1. Theme.

Notice the overgrowth,rainy and destruction theme I’ve selected for this. You can witness this all throughout the map.

  1. Creativity.

Notice how I used reshaped red barrels to make the rails for the rollercoaster for this theme park, even here i follow the overgrowth and destruction(look inside the fences, drowned carnival stuff) theme.

I hope this helped. xo

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erm, well my map tricks N’ Tricks is where I show people how to make new items by scaling stuff xd
Ive already got a map thats almost finished, refer to my Saint Pete’s Island post

I had just run out of Ideas and so I posted this, Ive posted some of the ideas from this on the Maps Tricks N’ Tips but thanks anyways man, you fried :slight_smile: Edit Fried??? HAHHAHA no tried

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