Need your opinions :)

I new to unturned and would like to hear your opinions on a few models im working on , need a name for it :slight_smile: :

This one I call the Vintage:

I use Zmodeler to model and blender to covert to fbx, still learning how to model in blender .:frowning_face:

Let me know what u think and leave any tips u have for unity pls.

Looks cool but it doesnโ€™t fit in the artstyle. Try to make it more low poly and remove the small details.

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Thanks for replying , I will give it a shot but im not to good with the low poly Style , im use to very detailed models. :sweat_smile:

It looks nice but edge smoothing is bad.

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Thanks for replying

You should probably look at actual cars because none of these actually look like legitimate cars.

I mean, it looks like their roofs are being held up by practically nothing.

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