Negative Reward Values for NPC Dialogue

Currently the Reward value options for NPCs (such as Items, Reputation, or Experience) only allow for adding those to the player. It would be nice to have an option to remove one of these things as a dialogue reward by setting it’s value to negative.


I think for items/xp u can just make it a condition with the reset thingy

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Wouldn’t reset only be for condition flags (like bool, etc.) and not for the Experience or Reputation themselves? Also I’m not necessarily meaning remove all XP or Rep, just remove a set amount.

For context I have a NPC that is a beggar and will ask for money (Experience) that you can give to them once. I want it to be only a one time thing so I’ve set conditions in dialogue, and don’t want it to be a shop. It seems as though setting a negative amount doesn’t remove the XP though, so while everything works the player still keeps their 1 XP.

Danaby is suggesting that you set a condition to remove the exp/rep/etc., rather than making them a “reward”.

This is what the vanilla beggar NPC in Russia that asks for experience does – it takes 1 experience as a part of the condition to interact with him, and then resets the condition. (The number of times you give him exp is kept track of, as that’s used for getting a necessary dialogue response that allows for starting a major questline elsewhere.)

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Ahh, thanks I didn’t think of that. I’ll check the NPC from Russia’s files to try to do that.

Still an easier setting method for negative reputations rewards would be real nice for future maps with split choices in which a player can choose to go only Villain or Paragon, it sucks when you want to look the deadliest player on the server but a quest lowers your scores.

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