Nelson, add the ability for server owners to toggle certain blueprints

Would like to see the ability to disable certain blueprints for servers, or at least enable this feature for plugin devs. This can allow server owners to put stronger regulations in place to prevent the crafting of items that may ruin their servers economy or just what they want blacklisted. There is sort of already a way to do this with plugins, however the blueprint still shows in the crafting menu, and can create confusion, and just isn’t visually appealing to see something you can’t craft.

(Add the ability for servers to remove blueprints from crafting menu)

To clarify – is there something you, or other servers are trying to do, that can’t be accomplished with a mod that adds a crafting blacklist asset?

One of my devs is creating a traits system that allows players to unlock blueprints etc. Example the Cook Trait unlocks certain cooking recipes (blueprints). This can be done, it’s just the the blueprint still shows in the crafting menu. This (as I mentioned) is confusing for some players as they may think the game is broken when they can’t craft the item. So having a way to just remove the blueprint off the menu would help.

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