Nelson and Molton need to be invited onto the Unturned and ADY* podcast

^^ you heard me, make it happen


Tbh doesn’t matter where. I just really want to hear some good or bad news from them. Better be bad or boring, rather than complete silence.

I think we have enough interviews dxdxdxxx

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@SDGNelson @MoltonMontro if you guys want to be on the ADY podcast let me know.

Out of curiosity, does it feel like complete silence?

Unturned’s future was always supposed to be mostly an open book. (e.g. roadmaps, talking about hopes for future updates) Aside from fun “secrets” like big surprise map releases.

Ideally we will be able to talk sooner than later about the “tough real-life stuff” tweeted about earlier this year that somewhat explains what is going on with Unturned II.


Please do not refer to the ADY Podcast (ADY being an abbreviation of Antics, Dornald and Younus) as the “Ady Podcast”, without capitalized “d” and “y”, as to make it clear I do not actually associate with this programme. Thank you.


I feel like it would be interesting to have a convo over the past. I feel like people keep talking about the future more so then the past and I want to here more about the past if that makes any sense. depends on them though I’d love to have them on.


Nelson should be on the Unturned Podcast


I wouldn’t call it complete silence, you do interact with the community a lot, you respond to emails and questions all the time, you don’t need to update us with news all the time, we all understand that you’re a busy person with life Priorities.


I wouldn’t say complete silence, but definitely not not silence if you get what I mean.


ahahahahah you are so funny (SirAdy is the co-founder of the ADY podcast and is just making a joke right now)


He doesn’t talk to band kids

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Of course there are patchnotes for 3, info about new wiki, occasional messages on forum and there are also thousands of emails to reply annually, but I don’t want to write foolish questions onto a business email, at least because I respect people’s time.

Also I like to believe that things like devblogs about things that happened and stuff yet to come would hopefully answer questions that piled up since the last devblog.

bro ratio’d me :skull: