Nelson Appreciation Thread

Respond with all of the ways you appreciate Nelson!


Thank you Nelson for the 100s of hours spent raiding Olympia, the days of building an epic skybase and the dedication to a good, fun experience.


honestly idk if i could even put my appreciation for this man into words, he’s done so much for me. from the hours of fun i used to have with irl friends back on pei in 2015, to all the people i’ve met throughout my many years of playing and creating content for unturned. he’s always been really helpful and supportive to any aspiring creators and has done everything he can to support their visions by providing help/feedback and implementing new features for the game, despite only being a one man team. i would’ve never expected to turn my random hobby of making unturned maps back in 2015 into an actual “thing”. oh and he’s canadian too so that’s a plus.

thanks nelson, love you <3


He might not be the best developer but he’s our favorite developer


A surprise to some is that the reason I made a Steam account was to play Unturned; after years of playing a pirated version of Minecraft on my 2007 Dell Inspirion, Unturned looked fun enough to make my account for. Like other creators, I didn’t expect my love for modding to blossom from this game- and it’s all because the game is backed by a humble and down to earth developer that also happens to be Canadian which is fine, I guess.

Thanks for the fun times Nelson c:


That’s why I made a Steam account to!


I genuinely cannot explain how much this game’s affected my life and how I even play games in general and how much it’s even inspired me to start modding other games and even making my own with others but even if he may not be the best or fastest developer he’s definitely one of if not the greatest for what he’s done and the popularity he’s gotten over the years. Thanks for making people’s days and years fun with your games nelson.


As an aspiring author I fell in love with the world Nelson built for Unturned. It wasn’t the usual “zombies are here now we have to fight them” schlock like the walking dead (not that twd is necessarily bad) it was different, detailed, and absurd in the best way. I started playing Unturned in 2015 with my real life friends and had tons of fun making memories with them, and some of my best memories are just trying to uncover the secrets of the games world and build a coherent picture in my mind, trying to fit and sometimes force all the pieces together from official and curated maps.

So I wanna thank Nelson for building a world that’s not only original and in depth, but super fun to play in.


Nelson your game has provided me with so many hours of fun that it is only second to minecraft, which I played even before I had an internet connection at home (so it had quite the head start!). It has given me the friends I talk to now, as the real ones have left me behind because I was shit at counter strike. It has made me learn new skills and helped me earn some money even, which I then used to buy Arduinos, one of my new favourite things and what made me feel certain that I want to pursue electronics and programming in university.

Now, I think this should be balanced, feedback is about pointing out bad things aswell to help improve! So:

Your voice is too cool, I think if/when I get a girlfriend I won’t be able to show her any of your videos because she’ll leave me.


Thank you all for your kind words! :heart:


I don’t regret each year I’ve been following the developer. He’s a great entry for me to experience what’s it like to follow indie games; getting his game to Greenlight on Steam is all the reason I created a Steam account on 2014. I didn’t think I would happen to stumble upon an active and respectful dev as a start. Gaining the coolest hat I could ever own for being around very early to see his work progress was all worth the hassle of playing his game on a mediocre device back when I was younger.

Also many thanks for hiring an unremarkable individual, being me, into the forum team while there are more qualified users out there. I would’ve been a more crude person and maybe less social if I’m still shitposting on Steam or slowly getting burnt off editing the Wiki.


There isn’t the time in the world to write down all of the different things that Nelson and, by extension, unturned, have done for me. From making memories with my friends to learning valuable lessons, e.g. embarrassing myself by sending Nelson an admittedly, slightly horrifically cringy email (at least it was with good intent?). Jokes and weird parasocial interactions aside, Nelson inspired me to follow my passion for indie game dev. Seeing what Nelson could create being a one-person development team made me reconsider the possibility of game dev in a new light. No one wants to read my life story, so anyway, bing bong bap, I’m pursuing what I love in life, thanks to you Nelson. I would never be where I am in my life without the impact you’ve had on it… reading that back, that is kinda intense. :+1:


Thank you for over 2,000 hours of fun.


thank you, for creating a nice community, with only a couple of assholes (all of which are located in this forum).


i somehow feel as though this is directed towards me

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No doubt I appreciate it just like @Giant_Poof , I created my steam account solely and exclusively because of the game created by this man!
Thank you Nelson! o7


I don’t. Lol.

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Nelson inspired me to start learning how to make my own games and is the man who made me leave my computer on for days for I could play Unturned 2. Thanks Nelson for putting in all those hours to make a truly awesome game. :+1:


Thanks to Unturned I wanted to become and landscape designer and I’m going to study landscape design this year in best garden school in Estonia, because making nice terrain in map editor was very fun for me, and that was the only thing which I knew how to correctly do. I tried several times to go further to make really nice looking map. I had very much ideas what exactly I want to do, but my editing and modding skills really sucks. Only thing that I somehow manage to do nicely is small and very detailed town. That’s all, sorry for my bad English, It’s not my native language and I don’t speak it very often.


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