Nelson became teeny weeny

The icon for the SDG forums has become too small the Nelson character is so small
Also ignore the WhatsApp notification it’s all my smoking hot Girlfriends messaging me.


That’s peculiar. Could you provide more information as to what type of device this is? It looks like it’s using the favicon as the web app logo, instead the manifest icon.

Are you using a custom home screen replacement, or some other third-party app or unique configuration, that may be resizing app icons?


I have a Motorola pro edge 20 and it’s on the home screen of my phone

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I’ve noticed my phone puts a white plate around apps

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Mine looks almost the same, it’s just slightly bigger.

But you don’t have the WhatsApp texts from your smoking hot girlfriends


I can’t recreate this issue on my Android 12 device, but on the off-chance that it is a site-specific issue – I’ve gone and updated most of the logos the site uses for mobile and other locations (e.g., OpenGraph APIs, dark mode readers…).

You can’t recreate the messages from smoking hot girls? Damn


Ok I apologize for this message it was too funny not to make.


He’s small even when I open the app

Perhaps try deleting the web app shortcut, and then re-adding it? Technically, the “app” isn’t actually loaded at this stage yet – it’s still just your phone using the button from your homescreen.

Earlier, I’ve confirmed that it’s not mistakenly using the favicon file instead of the large logo file. Given the changes I made yesterday, with the bulk of it being redundancies, I’m still led to be believe this is unique to your phone/OS. I don’t have a concrete confirmation on this yet though.

@Pablo824 Are you using a similar phone to Younus? Would you mind saying what OS your phone is using?

I managed to fix it by readding it after you said you updated the logos. Anyway, my phone is using MIUI 13.0.11.

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I’ve grown to love baby Nelson


Closing this topic as it should be resolved. If you encounter this issue again, create a new topic for the issue (or if the issue appears identical, ask for this one to be reopened).