Nelson, if you add a Sport bike

Do not make it have the same sounds as the dirtbike!!! Please, it would be incredibly annoying if you added a sport bike and gave it the lame exhaust that the dirt bike uses.

but why would you have a sport bike.
bicycles and dirt bikes are already good enough.

he might add one, just like how he added a roadster

The roadster was from 2.0. It was bound to be added.

what about the legerano, ghost, and sportscar?

I never said dirtbikes weren’t going to be added, I just said you didn’t chose the best example. Otherwise, yes, those car exist. (Except the legerano and the sports car, those were added by the modject team)

Basically every map has its own “fast car.” It’s map and content balance.

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so, why note add a fast version of the bike? People have been complaining about the speed of the dirtbike.

whats the point of adding more vehicles? aren’t there enough? Lets just focus on the survival aspect maybe.

But yes, later in dev maybe sport bikes could be a thing

:frowning: now would be the best time to add them…

Do we really need a better dirt bike?

Like, that’s pretty much the purpose of other existing vehicles

a small fast maneuverable vehicle would be a good thing to have in unturned.

That is called a dirt bike.

Sounds redundant when we already have bikes in the game, I would rather see something else tbh

something faster that doesn’t wobble as much, maybe the character could lean forward when he’s on the bike.

like what else?

It’s hard to make it faster and not make it the same speed as the roadster.

why not make it the same speed as the roadster?

It would be more common that the roadster. Bikes spawn at farms, roadsters spawn in cities/towns.

I think a sports bike would be better suited for spawning in a city imo