Nelson just doesn't care, does he?!

Dude, what the f*rick. Unity ruined Unturned. It broke the mods. The maps. Everything. I can’t believe Nelson would ever do this. This is his last mistake, as I’m gonna delete Unity myself. You better not break it again with Unreal, Nelson. Hope you read this and revert the Unity update before I do it myself.

-the guy on the image, feb 10th 2019

but seriously can we add Athens back

Credits to yarrrr for finding this gem I think


the intelligence of the steam community


Now this is epic gamers

if you thought that was bad, here’s this



IQ 20
[10 char limit]

I laughed on the inside

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laughs in christian


<br>text</br> to get past 10 char limit
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lets not forget nelson used the steam forums and actually actively read suggestions there

so if yall wonder why the fuck there’s artillery trucks, tanks, and fucking fighter jets, yall know what to blame


I am not laughing anymore

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alright bois
it serious time
with flodotelitokifo

we all know nelson dosent care, i mean just finish rio already come on nelson!11!!!1111!!!1

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welcome to my domain

nelson :frowning:

(For some strange reason this forum has a 10 character limit, which I completely understand. It prevents people from spamming and encourages actual discussion. The issue I have with this, however, is that is often ruins comedy. Nelson please remove the forum, it’s breaking

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Or they are trolling?

ya guys ever hear of Krout and Tea?

average iq level of the steam community but for some reason it is spelled as views

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This is such a special kind of stupid it’s beyond me


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