Nelson mods are broken aaaaaaaa

Okay so basically, even if you have a mod downloaded, and actually downloaded in the workshop folder. They still don’t show up in game.

As you can see through this P I C T U R E
Even though I am subbed to maps on the workshop, they don’t show up ingame.
Same with any NPCs or items.

I honestly don’t know if this is the right place to post bug reports but eh here you go

Nelson pls fix


Gave this a quick test just now in a few scenarios and it seems to work okay, but now that it asks the workshop for additional information (version number) beforehand I guess that request might time out occasionally. Serverside workshop content and server to client downloads should still be fine, but for the next update I will fix the case where the client gets a late response.


how do we know if this guy 'ere is telling the truth?

Thank you Nelson.
Seems like it works now, was probably the case of timing out as my internet has been sub par recently.