Nelson needs to earn from Unturned 2

I know Neslon said that he will use premium pack (that will cost some money) so that players can join official servers (vanilla, pvp (?), roleplay (?) and arena (?)).
Lets say all the other servers that aren’t official will be shit (just like in Unturned 3.0) because admins will abuse and cheaters will thrive there (in 3.0 vanilla is impossible to play and thats what made me to stop playing it). And because of that reason free to play players will not play the game for long (they will not see the good in the official servers) and the game will die fast because our goal is to make new player play and love the game.
This is my idea, lets make it like TF2, all players could play in any server they like. BUT they will not be able to use the skins and trading system that Nelson will create.
Skins are the reason that old and new games have alot of players playing them. I really think Nelson should add a premium pack that will include the skins and trading system. That way Nelson and Unturned as a compeny could earn from the skins and the pack PULSE free to play players and official ones will enjoy the game and play it for long.


These are some pretty big assumptions that I don’t think should be applied to all servers. Even with the amount of cheating and abuse in 3.0, it’s still a hugely popular game, although nowhere near peak playerbase anymore.

There’s still a lot of unanswered questions about how Official Servers will be handled, and I’d wait for Nelson to explain his vision to the community before we start thinking about other microtransactions.

Most of this is handled through Steam. Considering the backlash removing these from the game will have, it might do more harm than good in the public’s eyes, even if it’s to pressure players into financially supporting the dev.

Players purchase enough skin sets/keys/curated content for Nelson to stay afloat, and I think it’s best for now that he stick with that system since it keeps the playerbase happy, it’s relatively inexpensive yet small purchases, and it gives him a bit of income.


I agree that the small things that you can buy in 3.0 are enough and i think it should be in Unturned 2 aswell (i worte about it because i heard people say that nelson won’t add any skins to U2).
And about the server in 3.0- yes, they are all shit. the only thing that holds the game is RP server and PVP server with tons of mods that you can run with 3 FPS. Any vanilla server that is still out there is overruned by cheaters and abusive admins.

This statement isn’t true in the slightest. Plenty of quality vanilla or semi-vanilla survival servers out there without cheaters or abusive admins. In 5 years of on and off almost exclusively playing Vanilla or semi-vanilla survival, I can say that I’ve never dealt with a cheater, and only met one abusive admin. It’s anecdotal, but your claim is far from true. State of the game might not be what it once was but it’s a long way from how bad you claim it is.


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i live in israel so there are not may server i can play with the right ping, the ones i played (Frosington and one more compeny that i dont remember its name) i have encounterd tons of cheaters and abusive admins, ruining my hard 20 hour work in seconds

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