NELSON releases NEW CHARACTER MODEL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 100!

not fake


thicc :b:oi needs his milk :milk_glass::milk_glass::milk_glass::milk_glass::milk_glass:


I feel so disturbed, also
You should put that into the memes category.

Dearest AnimaticFreak,

I find it terribly insulting that you consider my post to be some sort a joke, some would say β€œmeme”. Do I criticize the painstakingly tedious effort to produce a piece of work for submission onto the site. This is my magnum opus sir and you associated it with those moronic jokes the young ones find so unbelievably amusing that flood the internet. It truly angers me that prestigious artists such as myself are reduced to nothing on this wretched website, whilst those with an IQ lower than that of a squirrel are praised for their posts comprised of the same quality that makes up a middle school’s lunch foodstuffs.

Furthermore, you may not approve of my post, but there is no need to belittle it with your harmful vocabulary. What if I were to find you disturbing? Would I say that to your face? No sir, because I am a gentleman and I do not use my words to insult the other forum-goers.

I hope you reconsider your life choices good sir. Sincerely, MoltonIsTrash.


I agree, this is a masterful work of art that needs to be recognized as such.

That was unexpected. go on your day artist, you deserve it.

Comments are a lot funnier this this post lol

MoltonIsTrash picture is a lot funnier than anything else on this thread.

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