Nelson! This post is about the next devlog!

nelson plz im starving without your great content

The longer the wait the better the product


I agree

its over a month now

that’s a good thing. Every time there is a large gap between devlogs we get a huge one. Remember the one before the last? that one took quite a bit but it showed off new ui, lots of technical stuff out of the way, the first look at enemy ai, and modding possibilities.


Yeah,but we need the juice man y’know what I mean some updates

if you want juice then go and buy some


Even though the only thing publicly confirmed is that it should show how you can take attachments off of weapons from the character preview, the next one should have some other good stuff too. :wink:

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It puts us a step closer toward the combat demo and will set the stage for the inventory system. Sounds pretty major in my opinion

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