Nelson! This post is about the next devlog!


Please take as much time as you need. Yes, people love seeing progression towards the finished product, but we do not want you to think that we want you to burn out again trying to get another devlog out before people lose interest. Those of us who are getting upset over going a couple weeks without news are the ones you should tune out. Give yourself as much time as you need, in the end most of us would prefer to see very polished new features as opposed to something that was thrown together quickly.


:b:ElsOn whErE DeVloG

(Keep up the great work Nelson, I’m always excited to see what you’re up to regardless of the length between your updates on progress. We all know you have a life to and aren’t a machine, and that everyone needs breaks and time.)


Good things can be done quickly.
But great things, they take time.


this may not be long, but it’s good.


Haha yes :ok_hand:


benson wheres the next twitter post


keep up gud work NelLLson


Honestly, if anyone is upset about the lack of what has been being updated, instead of a nonexistent lack of updates, especially for a FREE game, they have issues. Keep up the good stuff Nelson


Great post my dude.


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why are you begging for a devlog? it won’t do anything, it’s only annoying.




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devblog now

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