Nelson, you should post in your Twitter more often

Would be nice if you (Nelson) would be more active in Twitter. Having some media influence could increase the interest on the development of the game, and can be an alternative form of notifying others who want to keep up with the news. Like there are 40,000 followers, why not give them a better reason of being a follower.

I’d say that the least you could do is post a link to every new blog entry. But there could be more uses for the twitter account:

  • Blog videos in a separate tweet
  • Image showcases
  • Development announcements, such as ones from Trello and Github.
  • Other posts of interest

Just a recommendation. Would be a waste to let this opportunity go unnoticed especially during the time that some nice progress is being made and that a public beta is imminent. I’m also a little irked that sites like Trello may not get much attention being that users may not find information sources themselves to answer their curiosity.


Sure. Why not?

I can’t think of any blatant downsides to Nelson posting on twitter more.


I just want to see his cat.


His personal tweets should be dedicated to Jasper :raised_hands:

As for a downside, people might take advantage of the activity and use the platform to attack him for reasons I do not want to know. If it happens, defamatory comments should be taken with a grain of salt or rather ignored. Look for meaningful criticism instead, something to not hurt the dev’s confidence in the media.

But this is also why he should post more cat tweets to spread love :griefer:


Nelson has a cat? I thought he’d be more of a ferret person.

You can turn off DMs and stop being notified when someone tags you in a tweet, and I couldnt really imagine it to be any worse than steam comments on updates.

Yeah that’s true. Just in case when he looks at replies of his tweets.

But of course, announcement comments are the worst. A spawn ground of overreactions and assumptions

beard devlogs


When was the last time he showed his face :thinking:

Think it was the Interview thing.

I await the beard update, it has been many moons since the crashing of the fourms and I wish not for another uprising. Nelson my good sir please reveal thy beard.


I think another uprising is necessary

I’m hesitant to post updates that might be considered boring on twitter, instead saving it for big interesting ones. Perhaps that can be avoided by better labeling / categorizing them in the tweet text?


Twitter is probably the best place to put the so called “boring” updates because of the nature of it as a platform, tweets are naturally thrown into the platform and then move away quickly by another set of tweets. I can sorta see why you are hesitant to post on twitter but I feel like it would be a nice change of pace to just see you spew some randoms stuff and random dev insight or cat pics onto your account. Id love to see a gif of some horrid bug you accidently conjured up followed up by some pictures of jasper and what you ate last night. I dunno maybe thats just me.

I mean you do already have a blog for the big stuff right?


The thing is that you may never know when people are interested in your posts whether you find the content boring or not. When you showcase things in multiple tweets, it’s the people’s choice of choosing what to reply on. You might post something you might think is important but get little attention, and there might be a small post with a single screenshot that gets many replies.

For example, your shotgun shell count UI post from exactly 1 year ago (Which I personally find trivial) got MORE attention than many of the posts before and after it, even the devlogs!

Pretty much the judgement is up to the people viewing it, but the most important thing is that you’ve shown some activity and work for your followers to know you’re still around.

To be fair, personally, blogs seems to be the place to post your big stuff due to the fact that you compile everything into one big post. Twitter in the other hand is more of the place to update your status at a more frequent rate due to content limit per post and how the sites works, especially the sharing part. There are many game devs in Twitter who post much of their progress or content to showcase.

I hope I’ve persuaded you enough :slight_smile:


Post memes and shitposts instead /s

and more pics of Jasper pls


I believe a few non-unturned YouTubers follow him as well, it could be beneficial as this could potentially be a gateway to getting some large YouTubers seeing and following developments & thus boosting popularity when UII comes around.

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can you please post memes to ur twitter


I would also enjoy if Nelson would use his twitter more often to post some imagaes or short videos about upcoming updates. They dont have to be high quality or super detailed as Noobyfish said. Just remember that one Pinerigde screenshot that hyped everyone for weeks. Using social media in general is very important for marketing and building a hype up.

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Official memes? Timed curated memes?

Sign me up for the beta

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