Nerf the PDW

It is time

This monstrosity is left untouched since a few years ago.

I wouldn’t say nerf it into oblivion to make it unusable, but make it balanced enough so that it doesn’t make other (Military?) carbines to be inferior in most ways.

Stats and changes

Its core factors are:

  • 40 player damage (Equivalent to an assault rifle, highest of all carbines)
  • Uses military ammunition (30/100 ammo, shared with military assault rifles, highest of all carbines)
  • Low hip/aim spread (The best of all carbines)
  • 0.4 durability aka 40% chance to degrade (Second best of all carbines behind Peacemaker)
  • No bullet drop penalty for a silenced weapon (Unlike the Matamorez)

Essentially it’s a pocket assault rifle but with shorter range. There is literally no significant downside when compared with other carbines (Except 1 less tick rate but the damage already compensates it).

I suggest nerfing one of the the core factors I listed above. I recommend the changes here (Not all should be considered):

  • 35 player damage
  • Uses unique (low-calibre military) PDW magazine with 30 rounds (Reference to its .300 AAC Blackout ammunition in real life)
  • 0.6 durability/60% chance to degrade
  • Increased bullet drop (And maybe reduce range to 100m)

Poll - Nerf the PDW

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  • No

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You mean increased bullet drop?

Either way all these potential nerfs are fine by me.


You forgot the fact that it’s the only gun that makes a loud sound when deployed, which is a drawback. And how is the durability on the Honeybadger the second best? 0.4 quality decreased with each shot. The peacemaker has 0.35. The Maplestrike has 0.2. The Eaglefire has 0.2. The Nightraider is 0.175. The only thing worse than the Honeybadger is the Scalar (Kriss Vector) which is 0.6, so i don’t see how the PDW could be better than the rest. As well as the raw (without any skills or attachments) recoil on that gun is difficult to control.

So the respected yarr takes on the mother of all beasts.

After all this time…

The Honeybadger.

This should be Intresting.

Surely the most griped and hated gun in unturned (or at least asked to rework) to V the most respected regular from the days of old should provide a matchup of epic proportions…

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But a recent update reduced its name length from 12 to 3. Isn’t that a nerf enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m hesitant to touch the stats of anything in 3 at this point, but the PDW is very commonly discussed. Will do something about it. (Keep posting in this thread) I like the idea of significantly increasing the bullet drop.


A loud deploy sound does not negate Assault Rifle leveled or better stats.

Couple that with how easy repairing weapons is in the game and even the fact that people usually play with durability off, and you have a recipe for a shitshow of a gun.


He meant out of the smg catagory I think

Oh right, yeah


Updated with a poll attached

To be honest, slap an internal Suppressor onto any gun and then you got something to rival the Honeybadger, if it didn’t have the suppressor, it wouldn’t be that remarkable of a gun, still really good, just not to the point it is now. My suggestion is to make it slower at Deploying, make it louder, and slow it’s firing speed.

P.S. I know this doesn’t effect anything, but the fact that it is (somewhat) rare makes it kinda balanced, (not really) Another thing we could do is just do what everyone else has suggested, lowering Damage and upping Bullet Drop, witch would make it a gun that’s better for killing Zombies than PvP, witch could be a good thing? Changing a weapon like this so drastically could be really bad, so the best approach in my opinion would be to nudge it in to place.

The internal suppressor isn’t the problem, it’s the lack of penalty to bullet drop which is something other internally suppressed guns like the Matamorez would have. Taking the suppressor away means removing its uniqueness, although it is still superior to all carbines statistically (Still a bad thing)

I did aim to make it so it’s not dumbed down too much, increased bullet drop is the way to go because it does too well at mid range combined with its assault rifle-like stats.


Propably should of made this more clear, wasn’t suggesting to remove the suppressor, if we did that, might as well remove the gun. But yeah, there are other ways to balance it, I think you got a good idea.

Forgot to say, Maplestrike/Eaglefire/Nightraider aren’t carbines.

Wait, when did it get buffed to 40 damage?

I apologize if i sounded a bit hostile in my previous comment, wasn’t my intent. Just wasn’t my day. However, when it comes to the PDW, I was looking through the files of the primaries which was a fault on my part. Now after looking through the secondaries, i understood your point when it came to durability. And i would definitely agree to the 0.6 durability nerf

Nah you don’t sound hostile at all

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