Neutral Turned

Lots of people have made amazing suggestions regarding the Turned, but something that I don’t think people have considered are neutral Turned.

(Note: All of these ideas are very experimental and I would like some criticism concerning them)

While it is true, that the virus has turned our previous friends and family into man eating monsters, some of these creatures seem to retain their humanity about them, at least partially.

The first creature that comes to mind would be a:

  • Stalker

A seemingly harmless Turned that prefers to stay hidden in the shadows and crevasses of the world. No reports show it ever attacking survivors, but reports of people disappearing have also been on the rise.

  • Shover

A Turned that resembles most others, but seems to want to protect survivors; if a survivor wants to enter a certain area, the creature will not try to injure the player, but will instead try to push them away from the area.

The theory goes that these turned were once survivors that turned and wanted to try to protect what little humanity they had left by trying to preserve others.

  • The Lost

Disfigured humans which run on all fours, these poor souls wander the land looking for rats or smaller Turned to eat. It is rumored that if you give them a small amount of food they may lead you to their nest which will tend to reside far away from any Turned; a perfect spot to stay overnight.

However, they are also rumored to steal some supplies while you sleep, but I say that is simply the price you pay for a safe haven.

These are just some basic ideas, but I do really need some critiques and aid in making and refining these. I also have not been able to come up with a major gameplay impact that these Turned would have, besides maybe just them attacking you if you become hostile to them.

Edit: Added “The Lost”


Actually cool idea, resembles Herobrine and could have involvement in map lore


You mean the Lighthouse ghost



I think one or two Turned types that wouldn’t really attack you but would rather add to player uneasiness and turn the horror factor up a notch wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Otherwise I don’t think we need more Turned that don’t attack on sight.


Agreed, too many may saturate the horror elements and actually make it not atmospheric.


That sounds sad =/

Ok, Allright its a good suggestion

The Anomaly
And good idea, i like it
EDIT 1: i put my opinion

that joke was so inevitable that i could see that coming all the way from Tau Ceti II

One of the inspirations for the Stalker came from the Controller; here is a little excerpt from the wiki:

The first of the scripted Controller can be found in a Dangerous Cave just north of the Burned Farmstead anomaly field in Zaton. Entering the cave causes the player to hear the Controller warning him.

It’d be interesting if this monster that doesn’t attack player could only be seen from afar and would disappear when you come too close to it.

Yeah, I met that Controller, and he tried to rip me to pieces and eat me, so I put a couple VOG-25 grenades into his ass and that was that.


Here’s an idea:

  • Phantom

A turned with unknown intentions and nature,it seems to stay immobile until someone gets close to it.If that happens it seems to strike the one who interrupted it with a small psychological shock and then dissappear.
It’s possibility of existence remains unknown.

This turned will appear later in the game (when you have survived for at least 1-2 weeks) and it serves the purpuse of making you wonder: “Does this thing really exist,or am I going nuts?”
And the “psychological shock” that it will strike you with is basically a small jupscare.


That sounds good and spooky.

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