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you rae effeminate


I totally Agree!! Fallout 67 is my favorite game, it’s way too underrated. I am so sick of all of these haters imma need some haterade amirite! :baby_bottle:

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Fallout 5: The quest for a lost bug


oi, i never said that I live the game, I just said they dont deserve all the hate.


its really not hate but criticism

actually maybe some hate


actually a lot of hate.


well then they deserve it
they’ll learn from the hate so this doesn’t happen again


maybe you guys should try minecraft its a good game.


maybe thats a good ide- ohh wait



Bethesda still forces that shitty game engine from stone age. Physics calculations are based on fps. Graphics bugs are terrible. Gameplay bugs are even worse. Bad servers. Lack of real NPCs. Their CEO lying everytime he can. Fallout 76 is the worst game Bethesda ever made. Also remember the bags they gave. Fallot 76 uses the same engine (gamebryo, from 1997, renamed to “Creation Engine”) used in Elder Scrolls III from 2002, with some poor imprevemets. Graphics from 2007 games. Imagine if Rockstar used the engine from gta san andreas (renderware) in the next gta? It would have bad graphics, several bugs and poor performance. There’s no way I can deffend Bethesda with this game.


Brasil, Minas Gerais

I can smell the gamedev from there

Since I haven’t played F76 I can’t have an opinion yet, but reading what you said about Bethesda makes it fair to call F76 an awful game, I guess.

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Oh shit, you caught me.

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they work harder on their leather jackets.


Don’t you mean their canvas bags?


oh yes of course.


Don’t you mean painted tarp?

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