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double topic day whoop


stop talking shit about 76, its getting excessive. You literally dedicate your life to this I swear.


Tbh I’m surprised anyone played it past it’s launch week.


the last post i made about '76 was back in like what

S̶e̶p̶t̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶?̶ ̶
did i say October or September :blush::blush:?
i meant December

excessive is consistently at least once every week through out the months


You still talk about how bad it is way to much. Dedicate that energy to getting a degree in graphic design of something.,

Like really, you basically spam how much you hate 76 every few months.


yea i do
i’m trying to get into arguing, animating, and graphic design

plus, who doesn’t like mocking a company every once and awhile?


I do not think it is excessive at all, it is quite entertaining to watch so I don’t mind really.


I actually like bethesda, even if they are money-hungry.

I think they work hard on their games, but they don’t test them enough afterwards.

And they didnt really look into the science for 76, but STILL.



bruh. Do you even know how hard it is to create a game like that?

Heres a question. learn how to create objects, then spend time creating 1 object.

Then create thousands.

THEN try to make a system where you can fire weapons, as well as character creation ect ect.

Also get voice actors, find audio that you can use (gunshots, footsteps) without getting sued, and make sure in every way that you cant get sued because you accidentally made something copyrighted, or used something of someone elses.


here’s the thing,

Bethesda is a team
it has a team of modelers working

now think of nelson
think of his models
think of 4.0

compare unturned to '76
its one guy vs an entire team.


Just watch this. Bethesda is not a good game development company.


76 is massive, has seasons, has power armor, has a whole team constantly having new ideas that have to be debated whether they get implemented.

Also put in the factors of a whole ton of people wanting to get paid for this. Lets see, what else.

Oh yeah, not only do you need to make models, you need to make the entire map using those models, edit those same models when they don’t work properly and such. Lets see…

Oh yeah, nelson works on the game himself, so he doesn’t have to look through someone else’s code to find bugs or errors.


Oh yeah, btw pulp. I know all the ways they are terrible. But I like the fact that they manage to get out decent games that quickly.

Alright tophat, lets go on.

know what, ima just list everything.

Bethesda workers have to be paid, and have to look through other peoples code and models to find errors,
Bethesda is working in a whole ton of games,
Bethesda has to get material they cant be sued for,
bethessda has to get out games quickly or else face backlash from the fans who think its EASY to create a large game.
Fallout 76 is a massive game
Fallout 76 may have reused assets, but every game does that.
Fallout 76 may have been super buggy, but thats because of some of the above.
So yeah, basically, bethesda deals with 100x more problems than nelson does.


Never before seen Bethesda defences from the SDG forums


Dude stop comparing nelson to a multi-million dollar company company, its really dumb whattaboutism.

  1. yep the map is big.
  2. so does fallout 1 which is a better game than fallout 76
  3. this is true
  4. they did not make very many models, and its not hard to make models when your hundred man team has alot of experience using the more than a decade old engine
  5. QA exists, (although it didnt really for FO76 lol) you know that right? Also the people doing the actual coding have multiple decades of experience, and arent checking each others code, because they are usually given their own things to work on
  6. bethesda has to pay their workers, which is funny because bethesda also made 1 billion dollars off of skyrim
  7. bethesda has been using the same engine for 14 years, so its not hard to switch between games, and for FO76 they ripped more than half the textures from FO4
  8. which isnt hard when you have a massive art team
  9. no one forced bethesda to open its gaping asshole and shit out FO76
  10. yeah it is, 50 gigs is alot to download, especially when the game deletes itself for no reason and you have to download it again (which happened)
  11. no
  12. still is super buggy, mostly because its using a 14 year old engine
  13. and bethesda has 1000x the man power. stop slobbing on bethesdas corporate knob and realize that very very frequently companies care more about money than creating a quality product. I can not comprehend ther reasoning as to why you are defending a company that doesnt care about you. like come on man, what are you doing other than playing devils advocate.


oh yeah btw pesky, nelsons models are relatively detailed, but they dont have high rez textures, and such.
also pulp, you ever seen people asking bethesda for the next game of the series? people did it constantly.
Not to mention to both of you, 76 was supposed to be more of an experiment, as well as to appease the fanbase.
Also, they do have to look through other peoples code and such. you ever heard of people being laid off/ fired? Those people need to be replaced.

also, the download thing might have had something to do with some last minute bug fixes before it was released, and more bugs were created by that.

truth be told, I dont really care much for this argument anymore. You guys will say 76 is the worst game until your deaths.


I don’t think there was that big of a team of voice actors of voice actos considering it has next to no real NPCs…


dude, really? have you even noticed the amount of audio tapes in the game? notes are basically completely replaced with voice recordings.