New Addition to Russia

Loaded up Russia and saw something in the distance on the west side of the map :eyes:

I’ve played on this map for forelver and I’ve nelver noticed this…


Was this added with an update? Because I’ve never noticed it either


Anyone know morse code?

It’s OPERATIONMAPLELEAF all over again


im 99.69% sure its an easter egg

It’s just a steady blink no morse code

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its real…what if the 2 maps have something to do with each other :flushed::flushed::flushed:

This is an Easter Egg from the new (curated unfortunately :frowning:) map that will be released next Friday. This is destructible also

World record for tallest structure in unturned

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Wait the new map has the same Tower
it falls over in the trailer for the Elver map you can see it fall over

Wait they actually went this far as having something in a other map?

And couldn’t this mean the map is located in Belarus or something…

The code says E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E


We Caspian Border now

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