New anoying Unturned update for servers

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I’m very desperate about the new server system. I think “standalone dedicated server app ID 1110390” rings a bell. I had a dedicated server before without steamcmd. After that, I did as I was told. I installed and started the package. I just don’t understand anything. I just want to somehow move my server over to the new system. with SteamCMD the same message seems to appear when starting from the server.

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Short said, i want my Server already made Server to work on that new app

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Server ist working. now i just need somehow to install rocket

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Server is working… lets change the topic. how can i update the server in future?

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You can update an Unturned server with the SteamCMD with the command:
app_update 1110390

Personally I made a .bat script to make my life much easier.
You can create a shortcut of the SteamCMD.exe and add this to the end of the target under properties:
C:\ENTER_FOLDER_DIR\steamcmd.exe steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir "GAME_DIR" +app_update 1110390 +quit

Hope this helps,

  • Mikey

Isn’t the app_update in your script enough? The +force_install_dir gonna ruin my saves or not?

Depends, the +force_install_dir allows you to install Unturned outside of the SteamCMD folder.
If you set the install location to where you currently have the game saved it won’t make a difference.

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