New Cobra mod that adds in so much Cobra-related content

Today, I have released a new mod that is dedicated to the Cobra. Here’s the link to it for you guys to try it out.


Very epic but the link doesn’t work for me.

Alright, fixed it. Thanks for reporting.

Patch 1.1 is released. Item ID range has been switched from 7013-7048 to 19700-19736, fixes have been made & balancing has been changed up by a small margin. I hope you enjoy the mod guys!

I’m still waiting for you to make a mod dedicated to shovels, including an automatic version and an extended mag ofc


I didn’t know GHJ is a gun connoisseur.

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it’s the gun that everybody loves and uses

Can I put my cobra stock on maplestrike

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Yeah it was a unintentional feature bug on release.

I want to do it though

So apparently your glock mod decided to break its way into TF2


yes everyone, that is exactly who you think it is playing tf2 at that very moment.


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