New feature for storage barricades

What’s the difference between these 2 and many storage barricades?

Correct answer: nothing

Since the barricades were added to the game, they’ve been changed many times but generally haven’t addressed the topic of storage barricades (Wooden crates, Lockers, Fridges, Oven and more)
Today I’m going to touch on it. I think this idea would fit in quite nicely, and adding it to the game is not hard!

At the beginning of the post, you may have noticed the fridge and wooden crate, I was asking what was the difference. Answer: almost none and here’s why - The only difference is in the health and the visual part of the barricade.
The purpose of a fridge is obviously to store food and water. But you can safely store your weapons arsenal in there and much more.

I mean, I know, this is a convention of the game and in general, nothing prevents you from storing guns in the fridge in real life, but it’s the mechanics that are going through my head right now.

My idea is:
Imagine a fridge or cooler barricade that is supposed to store food and water. You can’t store any guns there. And if you try to store it there e.g. Scalar gun, it just won’t let you do it.

Or imagine a junk crate where you store crafting stuff or supplies.

I’m not saying Nelson should change the vanilla storage system or something, not at all. I’m saying he could add this mechanic to the modders.

However, how this all could work:
Every item in dat-file has Type [ID]
e.g. Type Supply

In the storage barricade dat-file it could look like this:
Now this means, that the storage barricade will allow you to store only Supply Type items

Or, you can add more types:


Now it will allow you to store Supply, Gun, and Medical Types items there!

If you want it to store everything, just don’t write these lines there, it will be by default stored as in vanilla.

Of course, I know, Nelson will have such an idea realize maybe in about 3-4 years or even never
But I just wanted to share with you this feature because I want to add this to my future projects.

Thank you for your attention.


it would be really cool, not only for “aesthetics”, but also for the gameplay
just imagine having something like 64x64 container but only for food or that weapons could only be stored in specialized containers on the map


I like this idea but I would like to see fridge with more storage. Fridge is bigger than box even by size. Why not to make storage bigger?! Also good idea with only food for Fridge. In general, I use it for decoration and only food is good!