New features added in Apocalypse Rising 2 Alpha 4/14/2018

Ever since I went to Gusmanek’s twitter. I saw two posts that is pretty interesting!
So far, Gusmanek tweeted out that he added new features such as new Backpacks, replaced gun audio, new UI, Kill stats, various patches and new clothing and hats plus more! They added like a dufflebag or something. When I went into the game, I went inside a storage area and I found a Camo Jacket, FireFighter Bottoms and a WW2 helmet. They even added a shotgun too!

Check out gus’s twitter:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Im pretty sure Apocalypse rising 2 will not be a ripoff of Unturned.

Im pretty sure Apocalypse rising 2 will not be a ripoff of Unturned.

…uhm. okay?

edit: clarification

I think it has a Pubg aesthetic in it too! Which makes me enjoy it also. Due to the body shape of the character and the gameplay.

what i meant was…is anyone even claiming that apoc 2 is an unturned ripoff?

I think so

looks side to side in confusion

I don’t see anyone making fun of AR/AR2 on this forum at least. Nobody really cares enough to hate on it.

okay I wasn’t going to point this out but since people have recognized this post I just want to say

you make it sound like backpacks weren’t already in AR2

That third word in this sentence was a typo.

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