New forum suggestions :DDD

ok I have suggestion for unturned II! I think these are all very good, please upvote for more, or give me reddity gold at the link bellow

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1/.ok guys i zombies should be green :DDD
i think this would be very good for immersion, and it would help with spotting zombies from afar if you have binoculr or if you have glasses incase your character was born with -10 vision!

3 . there should be night
i don’t like day it’s unrealistic

.4 dip cracker in cheese
it tastes good (IRL) and it would be cool to see it in game like if you when you dipped cheese in craker it would give you more hugar points :DDDD

2 molton montro npc
i want to buy thingf rom him

9. ability to put self destruct button on car
this would self destryct trhe car

number 10 i think you should be able to eat each and every bean from a can of beans because it is realistic and there in real life their are more than 1 bean in can it would also alkow you to save food
every bean should be visibly present in can

4 i should be able to reload my can of ben like it’s ammo, and i should also be able to put it in a gun because that would be funny i thihmk

7 . lucky bumber 7
like 777 from the casino from the vegas map

23 . presidental alection
this miht sound weird, but i want the watch from ben 10 that turns you into any montro

6 weed mod
polese i want to arrest the cart weed gang for have weed, caus ehty are arrest illegal in my contry

nombr 87 i want mod
i have experience as mod on my onw discord server, please can i have form mod so i can have molton montro man hammer ples the molton montro man is an fcuking infoster he is like a mantis he will ter your hed of in you’re sleep

untrn scape: number 6
i urse to think runscape was runascape, but now it think its unturnedscape please add it

numer 4 jelly donut
barock says it with pan


number 6. jelly donut
barack says it in wreslle mania plesae an i have donut

6. animatic
kuwait boiler room please where is my feamur breaker it would be funny to have old man from fiverr at fredy please it’s a real place i saw utoob video of real place it was image still

can i please have protugize refernce in unturnov i thjink that would be cool

17. die button
you die because suicide alreadyh exit but it to offence so i think ti should be “di” insted

90 why is there night
it does not exist (IRL) so why is it in unturn i recomend removing it

4 can i ;le get speci(all) cosmet
i need a special cosmetic because i made this suggestion and i need it because i deserve it

number 30: this is ensative post, please prepare yoursell fi you get triggerd easily!!
i think there should be boat in unturned like fortnite game, it would be relly cool to see cross over it is needed poes untn

numer 54 i think there should be bush on argentina map that has hells fury but only one bush in a very sasific part of map so i can kill everyone cool(compile)

83. can I get the unturned 4.0 I play unturned a lot actually more than danaby 3 could becausse i am dihard fin

num 12 i want to make curryated map for unturned how do I do?

this opne is realy complec so i am hiding it


using Terraria;
using Terraria.ModLoader;
using Terraria.ID;

namespace ProjectMire.NPCs
public class MireSlime : ModNPC // ModNPC is used for Custom NPCs
public override void SetStaticDefaults()
// The name the enemy displays
DisplayName.SetDefault(“Mud Slime”);

        // The frame count for the enemy
        Main.npcFrameCount[npc.type] = Main.npcFrameCount[NPCID.BlueSlime];
    public override void SetDefaults()
        // Enemy Hitbox Width and Height
        npc.width = 30;
        npc.height = 30;
        // The Enemies max health
        npc.lifeMax = 65;
        // Damage and Defense
        npc.damage = 25;
        npc.defense = 6;
        // The sounds the enemy makes upon hit or death
        npc.HitSound = SoundID.NPCHit1;
        npc.DeathSound = SoundID.NPCDeath1;
        // The amount of money that is dropped (as a float?)
        npc.value = 110f;
        // How much the Knockback is resisted.
        npc.knockBackResist = 1f;
        // The AI Style (Slime, Worm, Fighter)
        npc.aiStyle = 1;
        // Similar to AI style
        aiType = NPCID.JungleSlime;
        // How the Enemy animates
        animationType = NPCID.BlueSlime;
        // The Banner
        banner = Item.NPCtoBanner(NPCID.JungleSlime);
        // Then we link the banner to the banner item
        bannerItem = Item.BannerToItem(banner);

    public override float SpawnChance(NPCSpawnInfo spawnInfo)
        // This is a way of spawning an enemy.
        // SpawnCondition contains a few options and chance given the chance.
        // You can return any float
            return SpawnCondition.SurfaceJungle.Chance * 0.75f;
        // You can modify this to offer different scenarios
        // For example:
         * float chance - 0f
         * if(!Main.dayTime)
         * {
         *      chance += .1f
         *      if(spawnInfo.spawnTileY <= Main.rockLayer && spawnInfo.spawnTileY >= Main.worldSurface * 0.15)
         *      {
         *          chance += .2f;
         *      }
         * }
         * return chance;
        // In the above example we set a float chance to 0. We then increase it based on conditions.
        // First we check if it is night. If it is, we increase by .1 then we check if the y is between Main.rockLayer and a bit above WorldSurface. If it is then we add .2.
        // In this example, the enemy is more likely to spawn on the surface and underground but can spawn if it is night.

    public override void HitEffect(int hitDirection, double damage)
        // This will loop and create "dust" upon being hit.
        for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
            int dustType = mod.DustType("MudSlime");
            int dustIndex = Dust.NewDust(npc.position, npc.width, npc.height, dustType);
            Dust dust = Main.dust[dustIndex];
            dust.velocity.X = dust.velocity.X + Main.rand.Next(-50, 51) * 0.01f;
            dust.velocity.Y = dust.velocity.Y + Main.rand.Next(-50, 51) * 0.01f;
            dust.scale *= 1f + Main.rand.Next(-30, 31) * 0.01f;

    public override void NPCLoot()
        //This will make the NPC always frop this item
        Item.NewItem(npc.position, mod.ItemType("Gel"));
        //This will make the npc only frop this item 25% of the time
        if(Main.rand.Next(4) == 0)
            Item.NewItem(npc.position, ItemID.Gel, 5);
        // This would make the NPC only drop in hardmode
         * if(Main.hardmode)
         * {
         *      Item.NewItem(npc.position, ItemID.PinkGel, 5);
         * }


((guys please be postive feedback only china isn’t my first language :joy: )


numer 8 china map
please i think it would be cool


my head hurts


that molten monta huy really get my nerve angery




no, this isn’t good.
i want crcker like bumer 4 saidm bot gas


mh vire guod suggestions.
i thinc thise r guod fuor zhe gaem, neslon pls ad

o, nd hwat dos molten monta cel.


paro f pers
bottel of ie ters
tre bough
nd ofcrs tind bens


what the fuck is going on


yes bvro we need to add this sap


youre sugges,tiongs r good!!! but u frogot “add killinable. npcs” to

the paki;stam - inasd india bor.der map… bn not good!!!







he should sell his cat which grants +9 attack

you could attach a charge to the car
so no i dont want this

i would do the rest but it slowly degrades into great suggestions that i cant possibly defeat

except this one

i need this both in real life and in game


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Spiral staircase
Rhinoceros beetle
Desolation Row
Fig Tart
Rhinoceros beetle
Via Dolorosa
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Secret emperor

make it a stockpile cosmetic instead

can of ben

Beans don’t care about your feelings


hey thats not what I look like


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Please use some text formatting next time. That would be better to read then and it would looks better.

bro, i use how to formatting text, hard work it’s not!!! :DDD