New game mechanics - ideas

I heard that Nelson is adding lootable zombie corpses, Cool. I have also heard, that pvp will be reduced by lowering the spawns of firearms, also cool. but, this won’t be enough. all it takes is some kid with bloodlust to sneak up on you with a barbwire baseball bat ( We also need upgradable weapons, Not non-realistic though ) and smash you over the head, what’s he got to lose?

I have a deterrent.
After killing someone, their corpse is left there for 10-25 minutes, (not to long otherwise my fps would die :laughing: ) and is lootable. Thing is; looting makes sounds, and takes time. The longer you loot, the more stuff you uncover (that the players had) say you needed some ammo, you could take a 3 second search (less time because ammo is more accessible and of less rarity) and “uncover” some magazines. But any nearby zombies can hear this (also buff up zombies in normal, / make headshots only option?) say you searched for 5-7 seconds, you can get higher rarity items. Although, while searching zombies can detect the sounds and home in on you. this makes looting bodys harder. say you got into a firefight with 2 guys, you pop one and your gun runs out of ammo, You can’t just run up to his friends body and grab his hells fury, no. You make a choice, attempt to loot the body (takes time remember), Retreat and let the player get his loot, or fight with a your mele until you get shot.

(another suggestion)
I got this idea from the looting one ^

Say your in a warzone (in real life) and you need to reload, you have 2 options (A, take a magazine off your belt / carrier and reload) or (B grab your backpack, reach in and fish out a magazine) I would choose A, why? because its faster. im thinking that certain clothes have certain slots eg: an alice-pack has a model in your inventory the center being where you can store your loot, and the pouches by the sides, slots with perks.

say you design a backpack model, you can allocate the side pouches to have a -2 second reloading benefit, but if you left your mags in the backpack, it would +2 seconds to your reload time, this will allow cool items such as ammo belts ect ect.

Yet another suggestion: (credits to: @GreatHeroJ
I think it would be fitting if zombies could smell blood or something.

This means that when someone is injured or dies, zombies will hysterically wander the area in search of the wounded target, which would make combat far more intense. Especially the death of a player in a heavily infested area.

Thank you for reading!
Also, yes the picture sucks
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– Crow

EDIT: this was a really well thought out comment by @n3rfcr4zy5


I think that just wait 3 seconds for searching loot in zombies and bag noises should be enough, anything beyound that sounds tol complicated.

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Yes, this could also change depending on the difficulty (easy 0.5x normal 1x ect) so you play depending on how you want to play

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That’s a really good idea.

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I think it would be fitting if zombies could smell blood or something.

This means that when someone is injured or dies, zombies will hysterically wander the area in search of the wounded target, which would make combat far more intense. Especially the death of a player in a heavily infested area.


Bleeding players would attract zombies aswell

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@GreatHeroJ this is genius. May I include this (with your credits) in the main post?

Sure thing.

In the future I might even expand it into it’s own in-depth, detailed post like the kind of stuff I’m garnering a reputation for.


@GreatHeroJ You should definitely create a post for this, good idea

Wow this is is honestly a great idea, definitely make a post for this when you can.

As for the OP, I like the idea of making looting a body in the middle of a town more dangerous, but you should take heed to not over complicate things. For example, instead of making each individual type of item have it’s own timer (at least that’s what I understood from your post), have each article of clothing/storage container have a timer that scales based on the amount of items within said container, not based on rarity of the items.

The idea of having articles of clothing and inventory management affecting time it takes to reload/equip items is a great idea as well.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, as for the searching corpses, it would go on rareity? So harder to get items will take longer to find and vice versa

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I disagree that it should go based on rarity. Just because something is rare doesn’t mean it should be practically invisible until you take out literally everything else from the clothing item. I would rather reward people for good inventory management, if possible, which leads me to a slight alteration and combination of my idea:

So while each article of clothing is looted with its timer, items should be “uncovered” progressively as the timer continues forward. However, rather than uncovering items based on their rarity, it should uncover it based on their position within the backpack/clothing. In theory, one would probably check the outside pockets for loot quickly before delving into the larger interior of a backpack, which would then slowly make their way through the stuff on top to find the stuff on the bottom. This would reward people who manage their inventory, while also making a trade off for doing so. Put it in the bottom of the backpack in order to give it a lower chance of quickly being looted, but also take more time for the person to be able to pull out the item when they need to. Therefore, it makes it much more worthwhile to manage your inventory a certain way so that it most benefits you.

Here’s a basic diagram I made to help visualize:

(The time values are a little out of wack towards the end, but it’s just an example)


@n3rfcr4zy5 this is a really great idea, also your backpack drawing is quite better that mine xD

But yes this sounds good


@n3rfcr4zy5 I added your comment into the main post, all credits go to you. If you would like me to remove it just ask. Thanks again

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Nah, it’s all good. Makes it easier for people to give the OP one quick read instead of scrolling down to find the comments with stuff.

So basically EFT looting, more or less

We’re already going full EFT on mechanics, why not

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I’ve never actually seen anything from EFT other than the first trailer. Ideas aren’t original, anyway, it’s the way that they are expressed that gives them originality.

I know you want people to read your suggestion but the ‘take a look’ in the title is as cheesy as unnecessary…

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I’m not saying that in a bad way.

EFT is a really immersive, hardcore game with exceptional execution in terms of mechanics and gameplay depth. To be compared to it is often a compliment.

I swear I was not paid to say that