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Before I suggest this PvP-only gamemode, I want to say that I KNOW that Unturned 4.0 is going to be more PvE-oriented, and I don’t actually enjoy PvP that much in 3.0, but since the gunplay is going to change a lot in 4.0, I think a gamemode like this would be a lot of fun. Plus the fact that this would most likely be a gamemode that would be added LATER in development, maybe when the game is out of early access or when the base systems and balancing is finished.

Basically, there are small maps (the official ones at least), where there is a place that one side has to defend, the other has to attack in a certain time period. The time can be set in the map editor for a lot more custom map flexibility.
The attacking team starts on one side of the map, in a safezone with 2000 Experience that can be used to buy items from NPCs in the starting safezone and to get Skills.
The other team starts on the other side of the map, in a safezone again, with 2000 Experience that can be used to buy items from NPCs in their safezone and get skills. The defending team would also get barricades and sandbags and stuff for purchase so that they can further fortify the place they are defending.

There are nodes placed in the editor that can be locked behind other nodes and these act as points that the attackers have to capture in order to proceed. The capture time can be set in the editor so that modders have even more control over what happens in their map. But the time used in official maps should be around 20 seconds, being sped up by how many players are in the node.

Once all points are captured, the attacking team wins. If the time runs out and not all points have been captured, the defending team wins.

I think this can be used by Nelson as a show-off gamemode to show the flexibility of the game, ranging from a survival game, to a zombie horde game, to a PvP battle royale game, to a Control Point conquest game.
Having destructible buildings that are made out of multiple destructible objects, and allowing attackers and defenders alike to buy explosives like C4, rocket launchers and Grenades would show off the base-raiding mechanics in the game as well.
And most importantly, it will show off the gunplay of Unturned 4.0.

I think the most exciting thing about this though, would be the custom maps that people would make, with talented people like Rainz2much being able to create an entire WW2 scenario using just the default survival gamemode combined with plugins (that are created with the help of other people).
Just imagine someone creating the battle of Bastogne, with players spawning in a plane in the air, buy their stuff and jump off it with umbrellas (but here someone would probably create a parachute mod like there is in 3.0) and when they land, they start fighting in the frozen forest.
Or a D-Day scenario, where the attackers start on a ship carrier, buy their stuff, then use an NPC to spawn a boat and go into the beach of Normandy, the defenders starting in bunkers with the oh-so-requested mounted LMGs (and if not, I’m sure someone will mod it in by adding a vehicle with 0 speed and that has the driver at a gun, or since Unturned 4.0 is going to be way more moddable than 3.0, an actual functioning mounted LMG that doesn’t rely on tricks like that).
I personally think that this combined with the moddability that Nelson is telling us about would create great experiences.
A gamemode like this wouldn’t even need official maps.

And yes, I know. This wouldn’t fit in Unturned blah-blah-blah. But who cares? Unturned has become a very sandbox experience by now that is more of a game that people come in to have fun with modding and building and stuff rather than actually survive in an apocalypse situation.

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Might as well call it battleunturned 1 and remove zombie survival all together.

I knew comments like this would come even though I pointed out the fact that this does not fit into Unturned but it would be extremely nice to have, especially with Unturned’s new gunplay, and that this would be developed as one of the last things after everything else that actually does fit. It was the same thing with Arena, most said that it’s becoming a Call of Duty rip-off. Can’t you have fun with a sandbox game nowadays?

ability to moders create their own game mode would be nice

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