New Helicopter Physics & Controls

Helicopters are controlled with Q and E Q makes it go up, E makes it go down. Helicopters will be able to hover and its more realistic.

GTA san Andreas controls still have the best helicopter’s control that i’ve ever seen. w goes up, s goes sown, q and e rotates it, the left and right arrows and a/d tilts the helicopter by sides, and up and down arrows tilts it forward and backward.


the way it is now it fine.


According to someone who’s actually flown a helicopter IRL, Unturned 3.0 has pretty spot on helicopter controls compared to real life.

Adding a separate function for altitude vs lateral movement also defies the core function of how a helicopter goes in motion. You can really only control rotor speed and the angle of each rotor blade. What you are suggesting is convenient but not realistic.


I think the controls are fine, but I would like it if there was seperate controls for in planes/helis where I could make the throttle shift and control, so I could have the direction control in the QWEASD keys. Oh, and mouse control from third person would be good.

Though, I don’t think hovering should be a thing in the helicopters. It’d be a bit OP imo.
Maybe even the same in 3.0?
I might make a post.

What we have now plus hovering would be great. There’s no reason the helis shouldn’t be able to hover; they’re already rare enough and fairly weak.


Also as someone who has flown a plane I can say that the plane controls are very off.

In a real plane you can set your speed with a throttle stick (like an old time detonator).

There are ailerons and a rudder on a plane which make it steer. If you only use ailerons (the joystick thing) your plane will tilt, and slide around a corner. If you just use rudder (the foot pedals) you will drift around a turn like a car. If you use both in the correct amounts, then you turn without slideing. On a plane is a little curverd tube with a ball in it. When turning, you try to keep the ball inside a designated area.

Obviously, going down speeds up the aircraft, and going up slows it down. Going straight up is impossible (with anything which has a propeller). Also, of you do lots of stunts, you could pass out from the g’s produced.


You can hover already though. It’s not hard.

No, you can’t hover. You can attempt to hold yourself in place, but you can’t set the heli to hover, and then switch seats to do anything.

i dont have problem with the helicopter on 3.0 but a simple key to “auto stability” solve all sugestions with you propose now.

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I didn’t know you meant hover, and then switch seats. In a real heli that is impossible, and in a game sense, would be a bit op.

Yes, I think the two main discrepancies of the flight system are the lack of an auto hover function for helicopters and a set throttle setting for both aircraft and watercraft.

There’s also the lack of propulsive thrust on planes as well as airspeed changes accounting for gravity.

A G system would be realistic but should be low priority compared to the other aviation features.

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It’s possible. Do some research.

It wouldn’t be op. It’s basically saying “hey im sitting in one spot please shoot me!” However, it allows for heli pilots to get their bearings or to shoot from the side of the heli. It’s just something we should get with helis.

But, there will be a free look function, so even if you manually hover, then you can look around. Possible shoot out of it too (with a pistol probably).

Either way, auto-hover on all modern helicopters is a realistic necessity. The fact that it’s missing is very strange, given how often the function is used IRL.

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I haven’t flown anything aside from RC’s, but I agree with you. There needs to be something to discourage full forward tilt though. Any RC I’ve had usually crashes into the ground if it tilts any direction more than a certain amount. (Usually a high speed crash against the side of something, or hits the ground and tumbles a few meters)

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Well, this is why thrust power and gravity should both be increased.

In 3.0, gravity is so weak that falling feels like floating, and also you can control your descent by sprint-falling which is some crazy stuff.

Also in 3.0, the thrust of aircraft is so weak that if you pull up your plane to avoid crashing into the ground, you basically kinda glide towards the ground and clip it with your rear end, even in a jet.

Increasing both forces would work wonderfully for aviation mechanics as well as general realism.


in the true in 3.0 not have the factor of aceleration. but i understand what you talk.

I also really like the current control scheme

Driving the jet is basically like driving a missile … and that is cool. I think that thrust and gravity are in proper proportion so that the pilot has to be mindful of the difference between their velocity vector, gravity vector, and thrust vector. That makes piloting the jet fun, in my opinion.

Because players and vehicles fall at roughly a constant velocity, I am assuming that gravity is turned off once a particular vertical velocity is achieved (some type of hard coded terminal velocity)…that’s why I think ppl and things fall so slowly.

If gravity was stronger, you would need to pitch your vehicle’s thrust vector up more to counter gravity and trim the plane. Then you would have a greater mismatch between your jet’s nose and your velocity vector.

I don’t understand how lift and drag is modeled in unturned. It doesn’t seem like a parabolic drag polar or a lift curve with stall is being used (correct us Nelson). It seems more likely he’s using some very simple rules to make the vehicles fly level in this environment, instead of implementing a flight sim.