New hitmarkers are a bit too hard to read

The new hitmarkers on preview branch are a welcome change, however they are a bit too hard to read due to how thin it is but also due to how it is animated, adding customization for different variables of how it behaves would be great, for example, thickness, enable animation, time on screen/animation speed, and lastly an option to set it to classic hitmarkers would be much appreciated!

also a cool feature that could come from this would be the possibility to add your own custom hitmarkers and headshot noises, imagine being able to go on the workshop and get custom hitmarker and headshot sound packs!

This is the new hitmarker for those that are unaware of this change.


When I heard that new hitmarkers were going to get added I genuinely thought the 4.0 ones would be more than enough, they are a good size and well ‘animated’- these feel too small and slow in comparison


I’d prefer the ones from 4.0 more aswell probably. Would be cool to have the option to choose which one to use, if we cant fully customize it ourself. Maybe the 4.0 aswell as a few other presets could be added in the future with gold dlc - only options maybe?


I think that being able to change the opacity of hitmarks could also be a valuable change as, while generally inconsequential, fully opaque animated hitmarkers can definitely obscure your vision in very specific scenarios


Part of the reason I tried this style is because I feel they stack better than the 4.0 style. For example, when firing into a group of zombies it’s easier to tell what the most reason hitmarkers were than if they are on top of each other.

Another benefit is that they don’t highlight exactly where the center of the screen is quite as much. A year ago it was straightforward to use the hitmarkers as your target when spraying, but between the slight off-center recoil and hitmarker change there’s more benefit to bursting.

I agree they are a bit small - I kept the exact same shape/sizing as the old style because there was so much controversy about the crosshair change. They are now 4x the resolution so nice and smooth in 4K.

Some options can definitely be added. I’m curious to get more feedback.


Considering that a lot of players will want to revert the change I’ve included an option for “animated” vs “classic” hitmarkers in today’s preview branch patch. I’m hoping the new ones will gain some traction but if not more options can be added too.


the first time I saw these hitmarkers, they reminded me of fallout new vegas

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