New Makeshift vehicles and vehicle building mechanics!

I think in Unturned II (hopefully providing custom vehicles stay in the game) we can see some new types of makeshift vehicles, for instance:

  • The traditional 1, 4 and 6 Seater makeshift vehicles:
    Average speed, health, fuel and variable passenger capacity.

  • A Makeshift Semi Truck: (On it’s own, perhaps a trailer and/or container could be crafted and attached too?)
    Slow, 2 passengers, extremely bulky and strong, good fuel, lots of place to build and transport goods (providing a trailer/container is attached)

  • A Makeshift Racecar:
    Fast, 1 passenger, weak and frail, low fuel, just a small body with a pointed nose and not much else.

Some other things:
I would personally love to see building on vehicles remain, and almost in their current state (For example being able to build vehicles that deny the laws of physics, to me that’s a great creative gateway)

But obviously everything needs balancing:

  • Vehicles will go slower and turn slower the more weight is on the vehicle (i.e: Passengers and structures) and the more objects placed on the vehicle. The heavier the material or passenger, the slower the vehicle (Eg: Metal causing the most slowdown and Birch being the least)

You should also be able to craft Car Seats, and Tires should be placable so you can finally sit wherever you want and have wheels on the back of your makeshift vehicle.

The hitbox of the vehicle should also adapt to the objects placed on the vehicle, so if you did choose to build a house on top of a car, it would be very slow and basically unable to get through any tunnels or turn bends even half decently, unlike now where the items just clip through solid walls and enemies. Does that all sound balanced and make sense?

So with this you’d have so much more potential with custom vehicles (at a price, depending on the vehicle you want to build)

I really hope you all like this suggestion and I hope these feature(s) are considered for future updates of unturned!
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


That’s a good idea. Let’s hope we can actually walk on/in the makeshift vehicles this time lol

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