New map system in 4.0

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I propose to combine all the cards that will be in 4.0 with the help of an interesting system, which is implemented in the game Tne Long Dark.

The essence of the idea:

Now all the maps in the game are different worlds, and I suggest that when you come to a certain point (for example, tunnel on the railway tracks on the map of Russia), then the player has the opportunity to go to another map (already created by Nelson). Then there is a loading of the card and we throw it on with all the inventory, health and illnesses.

So we will have a whole ecosystem of connected worlds and will not have to choose which of all interesting maps to play. It’s very interesting when you travel to a more complex map. On a weak map, we develop and with some resources go to a more complex map (for example: Washington --> Yukon).

–> Realistic

To all this was realistic to cross from one card to another, you will need transport. Example (Washington -> Yukon): We take a helicopter and fly to the border of the map, we have a menu showing that we will lose 75% of the fuel (from the full tank), 10% of the strength of transport, 40% of the scale of food and water , and also, probably, we will be ill (in 4.0 there will be illnesses).

–> Optimization

That’s just the point, that it will not affect the optimization, because all the cards are loaded separately from each other. While one is active, all others are not active. If there is one HUGE card, then the optimization will be terrible, and if there are many averages with such a system, then the optimization will be excellent.

And how cool it will be on the server :slight_smile:


The thing with The Long Dark is that all the maps are located on the same island. I can’t really imagine how you could travel between Washington and Germany just by crossing a tunnel or something like that, I know that it’s not supposed to be super a realistic game, but let’s have atleast some logic for that kind of things.

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You can make it so that one card will only be able to swim by boat / fly by plane / go by car. It will be necessary to have a certain amount of fuel and food. For example: from a Yukon map to a Washington map, you can use a helicopter. In this case, you need to have a helicopter which takes away 70% of the fuel, the player has 40% of food and water.

TBH it is a very interesting ideea, but I think it is very hard to achieve.

It is not very difficult to implement for a developer like Nelson :slight_smile:

Who said that 4.0 will be Washington and Germany?

I just gave an example. Nobody knows what maps will be in 4.0.

It is possible to make it so that everything is logical and beautiful, and your problem will not be.

Блин, я понял, я ответил Oyamat на его сообщение, а не на ваш пост =)

Да я понял)

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