New mechanic for extra survival

Basically, anyone who has Discord open will be permanently and automaticaly banned. Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, all those communication softwares to force players to use the in-game voice chat and the in-game walkie-talkie

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Anyone who has there phone with them should be banned as well.


Banning is definitely better than kicking, because when kicked, players can just rejoin a little bit later, even then banning isn’t really that big of a deterrent, when you can just make a new account and get the game for free. Instead it should activate the computer’s self destruct sequence. Of course, players can just buy an additional PC, (and since 4.X is obviously going to be so optimized that it will run on a toaster or a potato flawlessly these PCs can be quite cheap) so it may be necessary to send hitmen instead.


Realism for the sake of realism!


took me a second to realize how serious you were XD

Yep, this meme is obviously very serious.

Also, it’s come to my attention that some low-end PCs don’t have preprogrammed self destruct sequences, so we’ll have to turn their fans off and make them run through some JavaScript spaghetti code.

You forget those are low-end PCs (their fans most definitely can’t be configured).

Fortunately, enough stuff opening up should work regardless. Should launch the game on start-up automatically too, so proper punishment can be dealt.

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Great, I occasionally use discord.

anyone that can hear anything that isn’t in-game should be immediately banned and DDoS’d

Call 1-800-Smartly-Dressed Hitmen now!!!


Anyone whom have any program (including System32) opened but Unturned shall be teleported to hell immediately.

Real people would just teleport into the game with no usages for third-party programs nor wimpy hardwares.

UFO provens to exsist by guy!? ?

failed at replicating what he did

Were you trying to upload an image?

I was trying to find out how he did just the K thing, especially that small mark to the side

i’d venture a guess that he did the whole K thing via the image

just a hunch


Closest ye shall get

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