New mod teaser. Mmm yes, alcoh- I mean berry juice

For my next mod, I will drift apart from making combat mods for a bit. This project will be about making your drinking lives better. This mod is totally 100% child-friendly.

As you can see, there are some glassed goods you can drink from. Juices, cola, soda, energy drinks, & some alcohol berry juices which absolutely makes you drunk daydream & give you a bad good day. Some will taste strong, others are just a light tap to your head.

There will be more uses to them. For teaser 2, you will soon see the ability to use kegs to refill them & bonk them onto zombies & naughty players. You will also be able to break the glass & make it temporarily lethal but it would be a one-time use. & finally, you will be able to repurpose berry juices to make molotovs to burn hordes of zombies & block paths from baddies.

That’s all, & if I have time to play around with my time, expect a render of a hangover that includes my OCs that have been around but would be a good time to introduce them as well while they are drunk happy drinking.


I have but one request, Benson juice.

Benson juice just kills you

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Perhaps. What kind of glassed drink do you suggest it would fit to be?

pure alcohol

Finally a mod that simulates lean

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they do be usin my information to provide me with a better user experience doe

Actually I change my mind, benson juice is just lean


:eyes: interesting mod, I think consumables are quite underdeveloped in U3 modding. I like how they look vanilla-friendly but also noticeably higher quality, as with your other work. The alcoholic qualities are just a surprise bonus.

industrial berry juice when


Probably when I make the grape juice glass bottle bigger.

Can you name one of them codeine or purple drank PLEASE

I could make it an entirely new item with Indigo Juice as the prerequisite. So yes, in fact I’ll make it now.


I know this sounds like im begging just because someone else got what they want, but i just think its kinda funny. Can u add a drink cannaled orang, its an inside joke among family and friends, i think it would make their days*

Dragon energy drink:
Gives you level 2 aids

Dude, not funny, Eazy-E died from AIDS.

You had me at energy drink
Add 473 ml red bull tbh

Yeah… Berry juice. It’s definitely not beer and whiskey.

Winks in 1920s Bootlegging