New Moddels "AK47 - Desert Eagle 4.X" - Idea!

This is the ak-47
This is the Desert Eagle

Not created by me :expressionless:

Launcher! :boom:

these look like they’re made by a bunch of different people, the styles aren’t very consistent

also the 47 looks like it’s in sketchfab and the deagle doesn’t even have proper back irons


Looks a lot like CS:GO, and I don’t like that… Unturned has got its own style, and I would like it if it remained unique


Nope. These don’t look like anything like Unturned, it looks like you just went on google and searched “low poly (insert gun here)”, and frankly that wasn’t a good idea.


The AK is disgusting. Show some more respect.


Not the best compilation of concept models, but the Uzi and Grizzly examples I feel like give the best idea of what we could potentially want (and not want) in our gun models. Grizzly looks a bit over-the-top though, and Uzi’s proportions aren’t “THICC” enough I don’t think.

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Besides all that, this is what the community is looking for-

You literally just searched for low poly guns on google. How about putting some more effort next time you make a post?

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This isn’t even a suggestion at all. Just a copy and paste of images from Google.

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Please rename the topic to “New Weapon Models” xD
Because suggestions regarding new weapons trigger me. As if Unturned doesn’t have enough guns already. That’s off topic tho

I do like the gun models here. A bit more detailed than 3.0

or “New Weapon Models Concept” because they are not being added to that game.

I checked and I’m 100% sure he did it like you said

You can obviously see they’re different in model styles and you can see a couple watermarks

Doesn’t need that much to realize that it was taken from somewhere

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