New Mode

They should be a new mod that can say pve and pvp because in some case other tend to do alot of rp in pve instead pvp some of them are me but i deal with it. I really thing if we had senty in pve they can shoot the player for a reason because we don’t have a other senty that can do that and it crazy so i want something happen because really lot of us love rp in our way it just hard to em when this happened.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say here. Do you mind rephrasing?

Above is my personal interpretation of the suggestion.

I feel like that makes PvE redundant. PvE is supposed to be a safe mode without player-based combat, and this would likely encourage the same people that ruin RP servers to just spam sentries everywhere instead, which cannot be destroyed by other players in PvE to begin with so people are just forced to deal with that.

As a new gamemode, I think that might be a bit over the top. I’m all for new Gameplay Config options being added for x or y for whatever reason, but I don’t see how a new gamemode (or Gameplay Config options relevant to the suggestion) would help.

I guess a gamemode that made all Robotic Turrets destroyable by other players, and could also be targeted by other players, could work, while also keeping the rest of PvE features, but what is this trying to enhance? Why would using sentries to kill people in RP be better than an actual gun? I feel like it’d just be a limitation that’d break immersion. I think RP servers should commit to being PvP servers if death is important. Shooting people with your own gun would be more fun than placing turrets.