New reputation system for Unturned 2

If this feature is still gonna be used for Unturned 2, (And honestly I have an addiction of having a positive reputation in some servers) I have some suggestions on maybe making a new reputation system.

Currently the system is like this:

First person to attack is the aggressor. If aggressor makes the kill, he will get -rep. If the player manages to defend himself and kill the aggressor first, he will gain +rep depending on how much rep (positive and negative) the aggressor has.

The problem with this is the fact that if you know 100% that the person you found is gonna kill you (and you wanna keep your rep up) you have to let your enemy hit you before attacking him back.

My suggestion is to partially remove the aggressor and self defense feature and only apply it on neutral reputations (maybe between +infinity and -19) while having people above -19 have no kind of reputation protection and will not give you -rep for killing them. But hear me out, what if people with -rep are kinda like bounties as well? If you were to kill someone with 20 or more negative rep, they would lose a portion their -rep and you would gain up to +20 rep and an xp bonus depending on how deadly the player you killed was. (not mostly depending on -rep, but depending on the kill streak that player was on) This also goes the same for -reps killing +reps. So this could split all the players into 2 factions: The Paragons and the Bandits.

is dis a good idea or is it worse than nomad? lemme know in da commentz

The issue that’s occurred ever since this was thought up is that you need to deal damage to be labeled as an aggressor. Shooting and missing, dealing no damage, doesn’t register you as the attacker, and the person who shoots back in self defense deals damage first, thus becoming the aggressor. Punishing players for self preservation is never a good idea.

Now of course you could add in details like shooting in someone’s general direction, but this gets a bit iffy with multiple players in one area. I’m sure somebody else could explain it better.


yeah thats pretty much the paradox we all suffer. honestly i dont think theres even is a fix for that. it would either be to completely change it (if that is even possible) or live with it.

Didn’t it take account for this?

well yeah, near shots and near missed melee attacks (from what i’ve heard) makes you the aggressor but any farther than that would probably start confusion because if you know they are going to kill you, and no aggressor has been decided yet, may as well screw rep and screw em back.

Perhaps a system where just because one player takes aim at another makes him a possible aggressor, if he does not shoot he will not be considered an aggressor.

Basically it would be like this:

-> Player A aimed at player B: Player A became a possible aggressor

Let’s go to the possible situations.

Situation 1: Player A fired Player B (even without hitting): Player A is an aggressor and if he kills Player B he -rep;
Situation 2: Player B fired Player A (without hitting): Player B is a possible victim and tried to scare off potential aggressor A, if they do not clash the reputation is not changed in either;
Situation 3: Player B fired at Player A (hitting him): Player B defended himself, depending on the aggressor’s reputation (if very negative) he + rep

I don’t think it’s cool that killing the aggressor can give + rep, mainly because I hope Unturned II promotes PvE, so killing the aggressor is a last option.

One way of fixing it could be where BOTH people are considered as the aggressor and if one person kills the other without taking any damage, the killer will get -rep. But if both players take damage, there will be no -rep for the killer. Allowing you to shoot first, THEN take some damage (if you adore your +rep like me) then finish them off.

I would think of other ways to make this better but I’m pretty sure a lot of people would prefer to have reputation a separate system that doesnt affect gameplay.

What about the fact that you know when you killed someone because the rep system tells that right in your face its stupid you shouldnt know when you killed your opponent.

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Thats not the only problem though, a big problem was people buffing their rep by healing a friend and stuff.

That way they can appear to be friendly.

Also this.

This will not happen when medical items are rarer. Therefore, players will have to think twice about whether it is worth healing allies to increase reputation.

But the issue still remains: If a player is stocked up with healing items then they can abuse the reputation system, and I have found that you can reach Paragon quite easily given that you have enough supplies.

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