New shotgun mechanics and an emphasis on shell type

Shotguns are, truth be told, one of my favorite weapon types in Unturned. While I don’t really care for guns in real life, I’ve fired some shotguns belonging to my relatives at their encouragement (4-10, 16 and 12 gauge), and noticed a few things:

1 - They kick like hell. This is one thing that 3.0 has right, because the 12 gauge nearly knocked me over. (Though I’m a younger teenager, so obviously I don’t have much recoil control)

2 - They’re loud. A 12 gauge with ear protection seems louder than a 22. rifle (Think sportshot) without any. They’re also probably much louder than most assault rifles, which would make sense.

3 - They’re pretty inaccurate. Even a fairly long-barreled shotgun has a massive spread. Again, my aim was terrible, but I could easily notice the wide grouping in the buckshot and, especially, birdshot. I never fired slugs, but from what I noticed when others fired them they seemed reasonably accurate.

4 - They shoot pretty far. Shotgun rounds don’t have a tiny range like many movies and games portray. While obviously not on par with rifles, I imagine that birdshot can easily travel at least 100 meters.

Of course, I’m don’t really care for firearms in real life, so I could be completely wrong. That being said, I would like to suggest a new system in 4.0 that could make shotguns much more diverse and interesting, instead of only being there to provide close range combat options. This new system would facilitate more shotgun shells, which would make shotguns much more versatile in general.

Let’s start with points 1 and 2.

I think that the recoil for shotguns is pretty much fine right now. It’s pretty difficult to control, but not impossible, especially with hip-fire. As for the noise, shotguns should be significantly louder than in 3.0, probably audible from longer ranges than assault rifles.

Now, onto point 3.

Right now, if I put all the right attachments on both a Vanguard and Zubeknakov, the Vanguard is more accurate in 3rd person hip, 3rd person aim and 1st person hip modes, and is nearly as accurate when zoomed. Now the Zubeknakov is a very inaccurate rifle, yes, but I guarantee you that an AK-47 it will blow any buckshot shotgun out of the water accuracy-wise if aimed properly. And yes, I understand that if zoomed, the vanguard will be beaten, as shotgun spread cannot be reduced to zero. But the thing is, the grouping is still far too small.

When I use a vanguard, for example, I can always hit at least three of the six pellets from its maximum range of 40 meters, letting me easily one or two shot players, killing them quicker than an assault rifle. If I’m able to reduce my shotgun’s spread to a tiny minimum regardless of what shell I use, what’s the point of adding more rounds in the first place? Also, it doesn’t make any sense that a scope or grip is going to decrease the spread of a shotgun. It may help your aim, but having the best aim in the world isn’t going to let you get a shotgun’s grouping any tighter.

What I would like to suggest is a much higher minimum spread for shotguns. You can, of course, improve your aim and reduce spread by putting on attachments, but the type of ammunition you use, and what weapon it is loaded in, would provide a hard cap on accuracy. This way, you could still increase grouping by adding attachments, but it would be capped depending on the weapon and ammo. For example, a bluntforce using all the best attachments would still be inaccurate when using buckshot, while a maxed sawed-off with slugs would be close in accuracy. Even the most accurate shotguns with the best skills would be hard capped at much higher spread than 3.0, preventing issues where shotguns are unrealistically accurate.

To reiterate, I think that grouping and accuracy should be two separate things. Aim could be improved and would make shotguns more accurate, but would be bottlenecked by grouping, which in turn could only be improved by changing shotguns and ammunition. Ultimately, this would make shotguns more situational, depending on what type of ammunition you use. Want to fight enemies at medium-close range? Bring slugs. Want to fight at point blank range? Bring buckshot.

Players having to choose between ammunition types would be forced to use shotguns more intelligently, making them a configurable, situational weapon instead of just as a 2-shot death stick that works as well at 40 meters as it does at 1. And yes, I understand that assault rifles are guilty of this too, but they’re end-game weapons, very inefficient ammunition-wise, and much harder to hit with at close range. (The point of an assault rifle is to be versatile anyway, so if you take that away, you just have a rifle or an SMG)

Finally, onto point 4.

Shotguns have significantly less range than rifles, yes. However, the main reason that shotguns are only useful at close range is because of how hard it is to hit targets from a distance. I think that shotguns should have their maximum range buffed, with maybe a 80-meter base range for the longest-range shotguns. This would allow for players to fire on others with slugs and flechette rounds from SMG range, if somewhat inefficiently.

Now that that’s out of the way, I would like the suggest some ammo types.

Note: The “Armor bonus” denotes how effective armor is against the rounds. (A -50% armor bonus would make armor double as effective, and a +150% would make it ⅔ as effective.)


-The default shotgun ammunition, found anywhere shotguns are. Effective at close range.

Pellets: 6

Damage: +0%

Grouping: +0%

Range: +0%

Armor bonus: -35%


-Common shotgun ammunition found only at low tier areas. For hunting or as a last resort point-blank option.

Pellets: 14

Damage: -85%

Grouping: -35%

Range: -15%

Armor bonus: -70%


-Heavy, single-shot shells that deal high damage. Suitable for close to close-medium range. Found rarely anywhere shotguns are found.

Pellets: 1

Damage: +65%

Grouping: +45%

Range: +10%

Armor bonus: -15%


-Small, needle-like projectiles with tighter grouping and longer range than buckshot. Found at mid-tier locations and above.

Pellets: 10

Damage: -50%

Grouping: +10%

Range: +15%

Armor bonus: -45%


-Explosive rounds designed to detonate on impact. Much less accurate than slugs with a much shorter range, but deals small area damage. Found at high-tier locations.

Pellets: 1

Damage: -20% (Explosion deals an extra +80% in an area)

Grouping: -20%

Range: -35%

Armor bonus: +5%

-Dragon’s Breath:

-Incendiary rounds capable of dealing high area damage at very close range. Effectively a trigger-press flamethrower, with more momentary intensity but lack of a continuous stream. Found at high-tier locations.

Pellets: 100 possible hits of damage total.

Damage: -96%, in the form of small area damage.

Grouping: -70%

Range: -85%

Armor bonus: +15%

-Glass rounds:

-Crudely fashioned shotgun rounds. Can be crafted, or found at select low-tier locations. Simply fires a spray of glass, with low effectiveness overall.

Pellets: 12

Damage: -92%

Grouping: -45%

Range: -75%

Armor bonus: -75%


-A rare shell with both a slug and buckshot. Only found at mid-high tier specialty areas, and is most effective between buckshot and slug range.

Pellets: 4 (Buckshot) 1 (Slug)

Damage: -10% (Buckshot) +35% (Slug)

Grouping: +15%

Range: -15%

Armor bonus: -25%


-A flare in a shotgun shell. Designed to be as noticeable as possible, and can be found at a slew of mid-high tier areas.

Pellets: 1

Damage: +0%

Grouping: +20%

Range: +25%

Armor bonus: +5%


-Specialized shells designed to deal extra damage to armor. Found at high-tier locations, and can damage low-tier structures and vehicles.

Pellets: 1

Damage: +55%

Grouping: +35%

Range: +10%

Armor bonus: +35%


-High-Explosive Armor-Piercing rounds. Has the properties of an armor-piercing round, but also able to damage mid-tier structures and vehicles. Found at top-tier locations.

Pellets: 1

Damage: +0%, and an extra +45% for explosive damage

Grouping: +25%

Range: +5%

Armor bonus: +50%


-Shells designed to cripple, not kill. Causes blunt injury, like broken bones (If that system exists in 4.0), but does little damage.

Pellets: 5

Damage: -95%

Grouping: -5%

Range: -5%

Armor bonus: -15%

These are just some ideas, and the exact stats for shells don’t really matter. However, if we want to make shotguns interesting and balanced in 4.0, we need to make them less accurate, and facilitate more types of shells. At this point, only having buckshot just feels like a bit of a waste for such a potentially expansive weapon class.

And yes, there may be quite a few errors in this post, because I wrote this on a flight and am posting it immediately when I gain wifi access.


Foe the sake of balance i think they should be buffed a little or else there is no point in using them

I dont know a lot about guns in real life either but i think they should have a armour bonus of something like zero and should have grouping of 100 since i think they are shot just like a rifle would shoot a bullet

If i get this right then these shells would shoot glass or something like that , i think the damage shouldnt be so low against an unarmored target or else it would only do 8% damage so you wouldnt be able to kill anything but the armor bonus should be very low as you said

I dont think these are needed since we have a flare gun and wouldnt be very effective against anything

Again i dont know a lot about weapons but i think the slug should be armor piercing or something like that , correct me if i am wrong

I dont think you can have armor piercing and explosive rounds in one shell since the explosive ones would explode on impact and armor piercing would need to go trough the armor which they cant do if they blow up

They might be rubber but they should do more then just sting and be very inefective against armor
Everything else seems ok and i think you did a good job , shotguns definatly need more shell types but this may be a bit too much , but you did a good job

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Thanks for persevering through the text wall!

As for birdshot, I understand that it will be ineffective against players. However, I imagine that it will be useful for hunting small animals, or just a deterrent to scare off players. Birdshot isn’t supposed to be for large creatures or people, just for hunting smaller ones.

Slugs are not at all effective against armor. While they do have quite a bit of kinetic energy, it’s dispersed over a larger area due to the wide nature of the slug, which both suffers from lower velocity and softer material when compared to a rifle round. If you shoot an armor plate with a shotgun, it will have very little effect. Either way, a 15% reduction against armor isn’t really that much, but I do see your point. As for accuracy, you’re completely right, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t think slugs should have rifle accuracy (Again, rifles are designed for accuracy, shotguns for raw power), but they should be effective at ranges of around 40-70 meters, so I agree that they should have half the spread of buckshot (100% tighter grouping).

Glass rounds are intended to be weak, early game shells to be used if you don’t have any other options. I totally agree that they’re weak, but if you land all 12 shards at point blank range they could probably two-shot most lightly armored enemies. Basically, they’d e a poor man’s birdshot.

I suppose that flare shells wouldn’t be necessary, as they aren’t very common in real life. It would be kind of cool to be able to shoot smaller flares without the use of a special gun, but I agree that it’s not that important.

Again, I can see why you think that normal slugs are armor piercing, and you could totally be right. I’m mainly going off a few videos I watched on the effectiveness of armor plating against various forces (I’m a titanium fanboy), and the slugs fired did very little damage.

HEAP rounds are indeed a thing for assault rifles, and I imagine that they would exist for shotguns as well. Effectively, they have a very hard metal shell that buries itself in the target, whereupon the charge detonates, exploiting the gap in the armor and widening it further. If HEAP is just another term for a frag round, then that’s my bad.

Rubber bullets almost never kill, but they can be crippling. The insanely low damage (Probably around 1 or 2 points) is fine because if you want to kill, you use metal rounds. Instead, these could just provide the negative effects of being hit with a blunt weapon (broken bones, bruising, etc) without actually dealing much damage.

Thanks for reading through my rambling suggestion! This may be a bit excessive, but I just want to through as many ideas out there so that people can pick the best ones, so I certainly don’t expect all of these to make it to 4.0.

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It really depends on who the person is. I am 115 Lbs and a mp155 doesnt kick at all. I could shoot that all day. A coach gun goes about 3 inches above the target at 30 ft (for me at least).

I like the idea but I see the need for some changes but thats it.

Such as…?

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Recoil depending on the gauge and weight of the gun and the barrel such as a fluted barrel.
And crude homemade shotguns would only be able to handle glass shot or rock shot wich is a crude shot shell with not a lot of black powder.

Personally, I really like your idea, and I believe that the rifles must be reworked, but I think you’ve overstated the quantity of ammunition :sweat_smile:.
I think only 3 or 4 guys are enough already, because it could be a bit confusing, but I still really like your idea.


Thx for clearing that out and correcting me where i was wrong

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Yeet, they shouldn’t all be added. Frankly, I think the three main types plus maybe flechette or frag is good enough, but I had 2 hours to kill on a flight and playing fallout shelter got kind of boring once a bunch of deathclaws came along and yeeted my base.


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