New Specs ops clothes variants

So right now you can only obtain 1 type of Spec ops clothing which is black and the shirt has a JTF2 on the side.The problem i have with this is that not all maps are based on Canada (JTF2 is Canadian special forces FYI) So i feel like There should be varients of spec ops clothing based on the map you’re on here’s the variants:
PEI and Yukon - JTF2
Washington And Hawaii -Navy SEALS
Russia -Spetznaz
And Germany -GSG9
Just like the military clothes on maps
(Sorry if bad english this is kinda rushed)


I think this could be easily done as it should just be a matter of re-texturing the side patches of the Spec Ops Uniforms just like with the Military flags and such.


I feel like if this were to be changed appropriately, we would also probably need the correct currencies to drop for each map.

As AnimaticFreak said though, shouldn’t be too difficult.


Ehh, if it’s added i hope it’s got a little more detail then that.

Color schemes should change as well.

Russia -Spetznaz

“Spetznas” is an umbrella term for all SOF units in Russia

how aboot “alpha group”, ey b0ss

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Yeah, but if Nelson were to do it and didn’t really want to spend much time on it, changing the patches would be the fastest thing to do. I wouldn’t be apposed to different details though.

I think the easiest thing to do would be to simply change spec ops gear so that it doesn’t have the JTF2 logo on it

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I feel like this could be done for the normal military uniforms too, so that if someone was making a forest map the Canadian flag isn’t on it, or if someone is making a desert map the American flag isn’t on it either, stuff like that

what about spawning?specops player spawn with specops clothe it will be hard tosa y to the game if player is in germany spawn with german specops clothes

Yeah, well people shouldn’t be spawning with skillset clothing to begin with, it’s kinda broken tbh