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Anyone else angered by this new third-person update? Previously you could barely see through walls and not at all through metal. Now it is the opposite, metal walls can be seen through with ease and wooden walls impossible. Higher tier building structures are now more easily abused than that of lower tier. Though this issue isn’t even my complaint. The biggest problem is the new wacky camera. Players are no longer able to third person on roofs or on treetops. The view model will simply go inside of your body. Third-person peaking behind walls is also a bit iffy and standing next to lockers brings you to 1st person. All I want is for the ability to see in 3rd person on top both treetops and on roofs. The new third person has been nothing but a downgrade of the last system. There is absolutely no reason to not revert it to the older version. The new third-person system has fixed nothing and damaged what was already working.

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Can you not

None of this happens to me in vanilla singleplayer.
Did the last patch even change third person at all? I don’t remember seeing anything of the sort in the changelogs.


Gotcha, mistake on my part.
I tested it again and it barely works with some plates, but other things are fine, like walls, doors, and other structures. It does also refuse to go into 3rd person on top of some objects, but I’m thinking this is because it’s a spherical sweep so it detects solid things obstructing the view.

Is this an issue on your side, or is mine somehow different?

Yeah, this is an issue with the new spherical sweep. It may not be as big as a problem for single player but definitely affects the pvp scene.

For people like me who play PvE servers because they spend all their “multiplayer fighting game experience” on other games instead of Unturned, it probably isn’t a big deal.
I’m good at playing TF2 but in Unturned people start jumping around like monkeys on crystal meth and I can’t really do anything about that.
I can see how this would affect people playing in PvP servers all the time, though. Could hurt some, but could help others maybe even?

Aden I wouldn’t try to put a positive spin on this. I supposed allowing people to see through metal walls does help some players raid, but that really isn’t the point. The fact that you can’t do something as simple as proning on a roof in third person is harmful to the game. I don’t believe that Unturned should have changed a core feature of their game this far down the games lifespan. It should have been tested before being implemented at the least. I can get used to quirks and flaws of games but breaking a key feature this far into development is negligent.


maybe use first person like a chad then yeah that should probably be fixed

You must be kidding…

I was about to post about this as well, the new view sucks and needs to be reverted as soon as possible. Third person is viewing your character from the outside, not the inside which isn’t even first person look but “zero” person view as you are looking through your intestines… the worst part is that your own character features actually literally “block” your sight so you can’t see anything…

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