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In devlog 8 Nelson said he’d have a Trello page up detailing the rest of the things he needs to get done before the beta is ready to come out, plus things to do in the near future of the beta. However, i can’t find it for the life of me. Can someone give me a link?

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I believe it was the Unturned 4.0 Roadmap trello that was most likely went private. I’m sure the next Devlog will see it reopened.

The Unturned 4.x Wishlist Trello is probably not what Nelson was referring to. That’s been around ever since the first announcement that he was brainstorming ideas for 4.0, though it has been updated occasionally.

Edit: highlighted the word not, seeing as it appears you all may have missed it. I don’t know why I included a link to the Trello though. The others are correct needless to say though, the actual 4.0 roadmap is currently vanished it seems

I’m talking about a different, second one that actually had things like what needed to be finished before beta, etc.

Harvest and NeedlessMemeing are correct. A link cannot be found because it does not exist.

The Unturned 4.x Wishlist Trello is not a worthy substitution to use in the meanwhile either, tbh, without supporting sources. It’s a poor representation.

The Trello will be made public closer to when the Beta Release is ready.

In the meantime @linkfanpc if you’re interested in individual changes, you might want to check out the 4.x Github for live changes. A good second but indirect source is the SDG Wiki with a log of Upcoming Changes. It’s not exactly what you were looking for but will satisfy your curiosity somewhat.

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Does this work? /b/ezUtMJif/unturned-4x-wishlist

Just remove the space any you are good.

See the above comments regarding the Unturned 4.x Wishlist.

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