New update problem

Okay, so first problem is that the Greece map got “Converted”, and yes the materials works but cant find the trees from it to spawn it, i even tried finding it in devkit but they are gone, also the trees that i placed before the update are still here.

  1. The New Flattening mode, in the remastered editor is not working ( ? ) in the legacy one, you were able to copy the height from the hill to a flatten terrain and it were making the mountain with the same height, the feature is gone ( or maybe it is a bug, but it was very very usefull )

you have to press Alt+left click on the terrain height you want to mimic, it works for me, so if it is a bug on your end idk

Yeah it works but im not talking about that, you were able to copy the terrain height and in the same time while clicking left mouse button the terrain were creating at the height you copied

So how long it will take to fix Greece trees appear in the foliage

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