New Zombies Navigation

Hello everyone, today I was thinking about a new navigation for zombies.

First, Nelson will add a new ability for zombie, wich need to improve navigation, there will be hordes at night, I found a way to improve navigation, for a better gameplay, if you have any idea, don’t hesitate to post a comment!

New navigation : Zombies are able to walk and go anywhere on the map.

This idea is inspiring from The Walking Dead : If you don’t know how it works, zombies walk very slowly everywhere in a city, village, campor they walk on a road, and it creates a lot of times hordes because of roads, when a heli for exemple passes above zombies, zombies follow the way where the helicopter went to with roads.

This type of navigation could be compatible with the Nelson’s wish : Hordes
But sadly there is always the problem that they can follow you for ever like 2.0, and it’s a thing to change.

I hope this topic you was usefull, insteresting, also, I’m sorry for my grammar but English isn’t my first language.


Universal Navigation is planned or at least considered by Nelson for 4.0.


tl;dr: global navmesh

Summarized the post in two words, and global navmesh was a thing in 1.0/2.0 so I would expect it for 4.0.

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