Next for the Wiki | March 2, 2020

Hey, guys! As y’all may remember – I’m a wiki dude at heart. However, it hasn’t received much love lately in lieu of other projects I’ve undertaken. Big thanks to DoggySazHi, @RedComm, @GreatHeroJ, and all the others who have contributed during this time where my contributions have been slower.

Let me share some of my plans for the wiki for this Spring season:

  • A revised system for handling infobox templates, as to best provide readers with all the relevant information as easily as possible.

  • Exploration into TemplateWizard, so that editors can see how they’re editing templates through a visual menu.

  • The start of “community articles” that highlight things like some of the most notable community members. Many community members are already mentioned on the Unturned Bunker Wikia through various random pages, and it only makes sense to better feature some of the most prominent people.

  • More documentation on how the SDG Wiki works, its tools, its rules, etc…

  • The start of an interactive tutorial that can teach new editors how to use and contribute to the site.


Molt makes yet another extensive pass on documentation


But seriously, I can’t wait to see all the revised documentation and templates, it’ll make life a little easier! I’m most curious as to your plans for this, though:

P.S. I haven’t been very active in my contributions lately either, ochem II is kicking my ass. I really appreciate the thanks though!


That interactive tutorial is going to be real handy, the wiki as of its current state isn’t exactly the most transparent system I’ve ever worked with.


Bro fuck chem.

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