Nicknames & Verification

I would like to see something that verifies people in the community, especially content creators as those are more likely to be faked. Im not saying that we should have it because we are something better but its not a secret that theres scumbags out there that scam kids, pretending to be one of the youtubers. It happened a lot in the past already where people talked shit or scammed items in my or other youtubers friends name. I personally never join servers with my name as I dont like to be recognized in servers. Most people can tell whos a fake or not but there will always be some that believe since unturneds community consists of mostly kids.

Right now the only way to prove if its me is to open my steam profile and check the steam url which is “p9nda”. But then again, theres barely anyone that even thinks about this.

A way to show/prove someone in a server that its actually the real one would help a lot and would need to be introduces quite early to the game as less people will know about it the further we get in the development. However it needs to be toggable as some dont want to be recognized all the time.
People would ask the “youtuber” to prove that hes real by toggling the verification prove on.

Most of these “P9nda” accounts are bots, that were used to crash servers but theres still loads of others.

I think no one wants to get DMs of people that I apperantly scammed

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  • I dont like this idea, because … (comment)

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Speaking of this, what about name that can only exist once?
Right now you can just change it whenever but what if you had to create another character ingame
that would need a name. This name could be changed every 2 weeks for example. This would also prevent offensive or NSFW nicknames.

  • Using Steam name
  • Only 1 name per user. No change cooldown
  • Only 1 name per user. 1-2 weeks change cooldown
  • Only 1 name per user. 3-4 weeks change cooldown

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In Apex, there’s a feature to temporarily anonymise your display name, to avoid stream snipers, which might not be an entirely ideal solution for a game like Unturned, but is probably worth examining when discussing streamer identification and cool downs on name changes.


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